The 80's may be have been known as the "decade of the comedy," but the next ten years had some funny movies as well, which is evidenced by the below ten funny movie moments of the 90's. Whether you appreciate a good comedy or prefer other genres, the below movie moments are sure to make you laugh out loud. The next time you make a trip to Blockbuster, be sure to have the below list handy.

  1. "American Pie" This 90's classic has many funny moments, but none are more memorable than when Jason Biggs decides to poke his Johnson in an apple pie that his mother had made that day. The look on his face when his dad caught him popping the pie's cherry - err apple - was priceless. 

  2. "Dumb and Dumber" Another 90's movie classic that had a plethora of memorable scenes is" Dumb and Dumber." This classic, starring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels, makes the list mainly for the scene where Jim Carey spikes Daniels' drink with a healthy dose of Turbo Lax. The outcome was a very upset stomach for Daniels and one of the ten funniest movie moments for the audience. 

  3. "Tommy Boy" One of the funniest actors of the 1990's, Chris Farley is involved in one of the funniest movie moments of the 90's in the movie, "Tommy Boy." While driving David Spade's car, they swerve in front of a cop car. Worried that they were going to get in trouble for drinking and driving, Farley pulled the car over and both he and Spade jumped out, yelling "bees, bees, bees." 

  4. "The Big Lebowski" The Dude, played by Jeff Bridges, is one of the most popular movie characters of the 90's; however, co-star John Goodman often stole the show. One funny movie moment was when Goodman threw a fit when he found out that one of his bowling matches was scheduled on the Jewish holiday, Sabbat. 

  5. "Wayne's World 2" One of the most funny movie moments of the 90's is when Wayne and his wacky friends dress up as a construction worker, policeman, sailor and a biker dude while spying on his girlfriend (Tia Carrere) having lunch with Christopher Walken. Upon being spotted, Wayne and his band of goofballs end up running off, eventually hiding out in a gay bar where they begin dancing to the song YMCA.

  6. "Brain Donors" Many moviegoers may not have heard of this cult classic, but it features one of the funniest movie moments of the 90's. John Tuturro plays an ambulance chasing lawyer who is vying to become director of a wealthy widow's new ballet company. There is one particular scene where Tuturro and two of his henchmen sabotage a ballet by stuffing a whoopie cushion down a ballet dancer's pants, dressing up as ballerinas, and lighting the conductor's wand on fire.  

  7. "Ace Ventura" The second Jim Carey movie to make the list, "Ace Ventura" was one of the funniest movies of the decade. What made this film so hilarious were funny movie moments such as when he walked out of the bathroom, clothes torn, dripping wet and beat up. With everyone staring at him, Carey yelled: "Don't go in there! whew!"

  8. "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" Easily the funniest of the three Austin Powers movies, "The Spy Who Shagged Me" had some of the most hilarious scenes of the 90's. Dr. Evil and his son Scott had a funny movie moment when they were arguing and Dr. Evil kept interrupting by telling Scott to "zip it," "please notice exzipit A," and "when a problem comes along, you must zip it."

  9. "King Pin" Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid starred in this outrageous comedy directed by the infamous Farrell brothers. One of the movie's most memorable moments was when Woody Harrelson thought he had milked a cow only to find out it was actually a bull.

  10. "There's Something About Mary" Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz were great in this 1998 comedy. One of the funniest movie moments was when Stiller got his penis caught in his zipper. While screaming in pain, Diaz's stepfather kept asking if it was the "beans or franks."