Are you searching for ten funny ghost movies? Well look no further. This article will provide you with ten funny ghost movies that should send tingles up your spine but really they just give you the giggles. There is something so mysterious and serious about hauntings and ghosts, that sometimes it just needs to be poked fun at. Nothing is better than getting a laugh from a spooky ghost.

  1. "Ghostbusters." Bill Murray is the leading man in this film. A goofy team of ghost busters team up to investigate the strange events in town. This is certainly one of the most popular films ever made about ghosts, and will surely give you the giggles!

  2. "Beetlejuice." This is another funny ghost movie with a dark sense of humor. Michael Keaton plays Beetlejuice, who is dead and helps get rid of ghosts. It's a crude dark comedy about the after life and ghosts.

  3. "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." This is an oldie but goodie. Don Knots plays a news typist who wants to be a reporter. He wants to break a big story about the most haunted house in his town and offers to spend a night alone in the house. The only thing he finds is that he is scared of everything.

  4. "Ghost." This ghost movie proves to be romantic, funny and a bit too intense to take seriously. Demi Moore plays a widow after Swayze gets shot. He comes back to find out what truly happened to him and can only communicate with a psychic played by Whoopi Goldberg.

  5. "13 Ghosts." While this ghost movie is a bit dramatic and scary, it also has very humorous dialog. When a widower finds out his uncle has died and left him a fortune, including a glass house, they visit the glass mansion. Instead of a warm home, it's a nightmare filled with angry ghosts. The dialog and actors are very comedic in this movie.

  6. "The Blair Witch Project." This is another movie about a ghost, but not just any ghost. It's a ghost of a witch. While this movie was a huge blockbuster and was made to be scary, many people found it more humorous than funny. A couple of college kids go into the woods and document their search for the Blair Witch, and find much more along the way.

  7. "Abbott and Costello: Hold that Ghost." What else do you need to make a funny ghost movie except for Abbott and Costello, a ghost and many many funny jokes? This is a classic funny ghost movie, sure to make you laugh all the way through until the end.

  8. "The Ghost Breakers." This is another older funny ghost movie. Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard both star in this film. Hope is a radio commentator and Goddard plays a woman looking to gain an inheritance in her name. They end up together on an island on the walking dead and a haunted castle. Great laughs and fun will be found in this ghost movie.

  9. "Casper." This is a funny ghost movie that will get a laugh out of adults and kids. Casper is a lonely ghost that gets picked on by his three uncle ghosts. All Casper wants to do is fit in the world of ghosts and humans. However, when Casper can't seem to fit in, he just plays funny pranks on humans to get their attention.

  10. "Scrooged." This is yet another funny ghost movie that stars Bill Murray. This version of "A Christmas Carol" is both funny and heartwarming. When all the ghosts of Christmas past comes looking for Bill Murray, he always has a witty line.