If you feel like watching a funny movie tonight, check out these 10 funny comedy movies that feature rollicking hilarity and more embarrassing moments than you can count. Just don't try any of this at home.

  1. "Big Daddy" Adam Sandler is a deadbeat living on the money he won in a lawsuit. When he gets an unexpected child guest at his door, he decides to get more responsible with his life and adopt him.

  2. "Shrek 3" The previous two Shrek installments were funny enough in their own right, but the third one’s the charm in this case. With the frog king dead, Shrek sets sail to find the rightful heir to the throne so he can abdicate the responsibility he wants no part of.

  3. "Get Shorty" Gene Hackman, John Travolta and Rene Russo star in one of the funniest comedy movies of the '90s. Hackman's character is trying to get a movie produced and somehow crosses hairs with Travolta's character, a loan shark in search of getting a paycheck before he has to crush some bones.

  4. "Blue Streak" Martin Lawrence pretends to be a cop to get access to a diamond he lost from a heist gone sour. The department believes him and promotes him to missions where he must prove his abilities and remain in character, both of which prove to be a challenge for him.

  5. "K-9" Jim Belushi is a police officer that’s been a little down on his luck lately. With a K-9 unit German shepherd as a new addition to his family and his girlfriend on the brink of leaving him, he’s inches away from losing his job and his sanity—until the dog helps his break through a tough case.

  6. "Pink Panther 2" The sequel to the first Steve Martin "Pink Panther" was funny enough, but "Pink Panther 2" is certainly one of the funniest comedy movies ever made. Martin manages to do everything possible to mess up a case, even going as far as donning the Pope’s robe.

  7. "Bringing Down the House" As another of Steve Martin’s funny comedy movies, "Bringing Down the House" finds Steve Martin accidentally dating recently released felon Queen Latifah as a result of an online dating misunderstanding. She ends up helping him land an important client but almost makes him lose the client when she is framed for a crime she didn’t commit.

  8. "Superbad" Thre high school dorks are on a mission to lose more than their car keys and their sobriety in this funny comedy movie that spawned a whole new age of teen movies.

  9. "Funny Farm" In the same vein as the "National Lampoon" series comes another Chevy Chase gem, "Funny Farm." A sports journalist (Chase) and his wife move out to the country only to be haunted, scorned and creeped out by their new kooky town neighbors.

  10. "The Mask" Jim Carrey never fails to disappoint and in one of the best funny comedy movies, he outdoes himself playing a shy guy by day and a flamboyant masked ladies’ man by night.