If you enjoy movies about animals, then here are ten funny animal movies for you! So many movies about animals can be real downers, but these films will make you smile, for sure.

  1. "Best in Show." 2000. This movie might just have you laughing out loud! This is a very funny spoof on the classic and classy Westminster Dog Show. The dog owners and handlers are overboard with their pets and very eccentric. The dialogue is hilarious.

  2. "Lady and the Tramp." 1955. Animated Disney classic. The very refined Cocker Spaniel Lady meets up with a stray male mutt named Tramp. The famous spaghetti scene is sure to make you smile.

  3. "Beethoven." 1992. A couple, played by Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt, own a big lovable St. Bernard named Beethoven. An evil veterinarian who wants the dog for experimentation tries to convince them that the dog is vicious and must be put down. Some very funny scenes.

  4. "The Shaggy Dog." The 2006 remake stars Tim Allen as an ordinary guy who gets mixed up with some animal experiments and mistakenly gets a dog's DNA. This makes him take on dog characteristics and behaviors like barking, etc. Robert Downey, Jr. appears as the evil scientist. Very funny movie.

  5. "Underdog." 2007. Walt Disney flick about a police beagle that gets caught up in some genetic experimentation. He develops super powers, can speak and fly and eventually saves the citizens of Capitol City.

  6. "Snoopy, Come Home." 1972 animated film based on the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy leaves Charlie Brown when he learns his original owner Lila is in the hospital. Snoopy gets into some funny predicaments.

  7. "Snoopy, the Musical." 1988 Based on the stage play by the same name, features Snoopy and the Peanuts gang in musical vignettes. Will make you smile.

  8. "That Darn Cat." 1997. Stars Christina Ricci whose cat leaves the house every night at eight to go out and make trouble in the neighborhood. The cat redeems himself by locating a kidnap victim.

  9. "The Ugly Dachshund." 1966 Walt Disney film starring Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette. A Great Dane who is raised with dachshund puppies believes himself to be a dachshund. He gets into lots of scrapes but manages to save a dachshund puppy in the end and saves himself from being given away.

  10. "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." 2008 Walt Disney production. While on vacation in Mexico, a pampered Beverly Hills dog with a diamond collar gets dognapped. She sees how the "other half lives", gets into dog fights and has a rough go of it before ending up back in Beverly Hills.