These 10 funniest movies of all time are all films you won't want to miss. They are incredibly enjoyable and feature excellent comedy lines. The acting, plot, and comedy is elite in all ten of these great films.

  1. "Borat": This fictional documentary was astoundingly popular due to its great comedic elements. Borat is a character with no social common sense. This bold comedy film is one you definitely won't want to miss.

  2. "When Harry Met Sally": This is a romantic comedy that has truly stood the test of time. With the great chemistry between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, it is a truly masterful film. The comedy unbelievable funny and engrained throughout this great film.

  3. "The Man Who Knew Too Little": This exceptional film features the story of a man who ends up tangled in a criminal affair, mistaking it all for live theater. The course of a crazy night follows hilarious and certainly unexpected responses from a confused man. This movie will have anyone laughing uncontrollably form the beginning.

  4. "See No Evil, Hear No Evil": This 1989 film is perhaps the greatest comedy of all time. Actors Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor do a phenomenal job with these challenges roles. The film will blow you away, bringing tears of laughter to your eyes.

  5. "Monty Python's Life of Brian": This classic comedy movie is one that you simply cannot live without seeing. The story of a young Jewish man mistaken for Messiah is hilarious throughout. This hilarious film is absolutely one of the funniest films to date.

  6. "Groundhog Day": This funny film tells the story of a man who wakes up everyday only to find he is stuck on the same day—Groundhog Day. His hilarious responses to this time warp makes for an incredibly enjoyable film. It's certainly one you will find yourself watching many times again.

  7. "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey": When Bill and Ted are killed, they comically escape from hell to avenge their death. The hilarious film is truly a classic that continues to be known as one of the best comedy movies ever. A follow up to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", you'll be sure to find this movie even funnier than the first.

  8. "Police Academy": This '80s film features a number of training policemen. Each character is well-developed and hilariously portrayed by hilarious actors. It's definitely a film you'll want to watch several times.

  9. "Stranger than Fiction": Will Ferrell does an amazing portrayal of a lonely IRS character. Aside from being an enjoyable artistically thought out film, it is an absolutely funny film you will fall in love with. It's definitely a top 10 comedy film of all time.

  10. "Kung Fu Panda": This film is hilarious and fun to watch. It's a great family film that will have the youngest and oldest laughing throughout the entire film. Everyone will absolutely love this great story about a heroic, slightly awkward panda.