If you’re sick of sappy romantic comedies that are predictable and stereotypical, get your girlfriend to watch these 10 best romantic comedy movies instead. The following movies have greater guy appeal, smarter storytelling, and better character development. Watching one of these with your girlfriend on a Saturday night won’t feel like torture.

  1. “The Princess Bride” This classic 1980s film is a romantic comedy mixed with adventure and fantasy. The film revolves around one man’s quest to reunite with his love, who believes that he’s dead. In the meantime, there are giants, evil knights, and plenty of sword fights.

  2. “Romancing the Stone” A younger, attractive Kathleen Turner plays a meek novelist stranded in Colombia who meets a wild man, played by Michael Douglas. The two fall in love while trying to solve a kidnapping amid constant gunfire. The action throughout makes this a romantic comedy that even the manliest of men can stomach.

  3. "As Good As It Gets” Jack Nicholson takes center stage as a crotchety novelist with severe OCD. Despite his gruff exterior, however, he is in love with a struggling waitress, played by Helen Hunt. His slow change in character is both touching and hilarious.

  4. “When Harry Met Sally” This best one explores how sex can affect friendship. The best thing about the movie is that it presents the perspectives of both men and women. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play the lead couple who slowly find themselves falling in love amid constant banter and jokes.

  5. “Knocked Up” In this more untraditional romantic comedy, Judd Apatow directs Seth Rogen as an overweight underachiever who accidentally knocks up a hot businesswoman, played by Katherine Heigl. The ensuing antics are funny, and even romantic at times, making this a good romantic comedy movie for both men and women.

  6. “So I Married an Axe Murderer” Full of gags and good one-liners, this ‘90s flick features Mike Meyers in his prime. He plays a smitten man who thinks he has met the perfect woman...until he starts to suspect that she might be a serial killer.

  7. “The Sure Thing” John Cusack stars in this road trip romantic comedy. Cusack plays a college student on a trek to California to meet a girl who promises to be a “sure thing.” His car buddy along the way is an uptight female student. Yes, it is pretty obvious who he’ll ultimately end up falling for, but the movie is full of laughs and is told through a guy’s perspective, which is rare for a romantic comedy.

  8. “There’s Something About Mary” The Farrell Brothers deliver a great romantic comedy for guys by pairing a young Cameron Diaz with a bumbling Ben Stiller. Stiller’s character spends the entire movie attempting to earn her affection. When he brings in a private investigator played by Matt Dillon, he falls for her too and hilarious chaos ensues.

  9. “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray plays a weatherman who is forced to relive Groundhog Day over and over again. Despite the torture of constantly repeating life, he finds himself developing a crush on a TV producer, who he tries to woo in different ways each new day.

  10. A Life Less Ordinary” This Danny Boyle film from the ‘90s is a great romantic comedy movie that also involves kidnapping, guns and karaoke. Ewan McGregor plays a janitor who kidnaps Cameron Diaz's character—the smart, saucy daughter of McGregor’s boss.