When you watch the 10 best old comedy movies, you will find them timeless. Comedy has been a part of human entertainment forever, and laughter has been called the best medicine. Below are ten of the best old comedy films.

  1. "Some Like It Hot." This 1959 comedy is a classic that stars Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis. It follows two zany friends on the run from the mob, they make the decision to dress as women, and perform as show girls to avoid being found and whacked.

  2. "Lillies Of The Field." This comedy centers around a Mother Superior and an aimless ex-GI. The Mother Superior and her three nuns are determined to build a chapel, and the Mother Superior is sure the ex-GI who wanders into their presence was sent to help them realize that dream. This is a 1963 comedy.

  3. "Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb." This 1964 comedy pokes fun at the cold war. While on a routine flight near Russia, a bomber pilot is given the order to drop a nuke by his superior who thinks the Russians are responsible for his erectile dysfunction.

  4. "Kelly's Heroes." This is a 1970 war comedy. The once squared-away Lieutenant Kelly, is now busted down in rank.  Kelly assembles a motley group of soldiers to help him steal millions of dollars, as they head for the money in danger's direction, their General mistakes them for heroes. 

  5. "Harold And Maude." This is a black comedy about opposites, it was produced in 1971. A young man with a wish for death meets a 79 year old woman with more zest for life than the average teenager.

  6. "American Graffiti." This 1973 comedy, set in 1962 is about growing up. It's the last day of summer and the teens of Modesto, CA are out to make the best of it before they have to face their adult responsibilities.

  7. "Paper Moon." This 1973 comedy is set in 1926. The story revolves around a 9 year old foul-mouthed cigarette smoking orphan girl, who is placed in the custody of a con-man/bible salesman who may or may not be her real father.

  8. "Harvey." Harvey is a 1950 screwball comedy about tolerance. Elwood, the wealthy local drunk has an imaginary friend; a six foot rabbit. Elwood's sister, convinced of her brother's insanity, attempts to have him committed to asylum, but ends up being committed herself.

  9. "The Jerk." This 1979 comedy was Steve Martin's first starring role as Navin, a white child who was adopted by a black family, but Navin doesn't know he's white. The family knew Navin would amount to something when he left home, and he did; he became a millionaire after inventing a silly nose-brace for eyeglasses.

  10. "The Blue Brothers." This 1980 comedy is about two white soul brothers. Jake and Elwood Blues are fresh out of prison and on a mission from God; they have to raise $5 thousand dollars in order to save an orphanage.