You have come across the right article if you need help looking for 10 best funny animal movies. Funny animal movies are loved by all, no matter the age group. From the time animation has founded, movies like these have become increasing more interesting. If you are planning to see some of the funniest animal movies during the holidays, here are some of the best.

  1. “Stuart Little” movies are great and simply rock. "Stuart Little" is about a mouse who gradually becomes a member of a human family. His journey is emotional and funny, too. As a whole, "Stuart Little" is an entertaining movie all would love to see.

  2. Babe” is a great movie that will provide lots of laughs. Babe is a pig raised by sheepdogs and eventually learns to heard sheep himself. Of course, he does get a bit of help from his owner, Farmer Hoggett.

  3. “Tom and Jerry” is not very old. The concept in taken from the cartoon series, but the presentation and the story is loved by all. The Tom and Jerry fight, but unite in a mission to save someone.

  4. “Larger Than Life“ is a movie that cannot be missed because the concept is new and interesting. It is about a person who suddenly comes to know that his father has died and left him a big gift—an elephant. The protagonist wanted to get rid of the elephant, but a bond between him and the elephant developed, which changed his view on life and made him a better person.

  5. “Underdog” is another movie which was highly praised. This movie is about a dog that gets a super power from a scientist doing some experiments. The scientist tries to catch the dog, but he escapes and lives with a young boy. Along with comedy, the movie has many themes like adventure, romance and friendship.

  6. “Ice Age” is a great movie that is littered with laughs and touching moments. The movie follows a wooly mammoth, a sloth, and a sabertooth tiger who find a human infant. The three of them are attempting to return the infant to his rightful tribe. However, this will not come easily and the situation will send you laughing.

  7. Scooby Doo can’t be missed. This movie is about the gang's reunion and helping each other solve a mystery. Of course, Scooby Doo helps them, too.

  8. “Cats & Dogs” will provide huge laughs as the battle between cats and dogs wages on. This is a high-tech espionage war that is going on between the two animals and humans are completely unaware of what's going on.

  9. “Dr. Dolittle” This 1998 release features Eddie Murphy as the lead role which doesn’t disappoint. It’s a story about a doctor who finds out he can understand everything animal say and in due time, the animals find out he can understand them as well. This leads to some amazingly funny scenes throughout the movie.

  10. “Over the Hedge” is another movie that cannot be missed. A raccoon much more cunning than the family of forest creatures he runs into convinces the animals to help him repay a debt of food. However, as in all comedy movies, the raccoon eventually learns a few lessons himself.