The 10 best "Friday" movie quotes are tough to pick out. That’s primarily because these hilarious buddy comedies are filled with awesome jokes that are downright quotable. These quotes come from three movies, "Friday," "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next."

  1. “Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage man, take advantage.” This is a quote from Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, in "Friday."

  2. “You better get your [expletive] off your shoulders and make that money.”This is a quote by Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube, in "Friday."

  3. “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.” Big Worm, played by Faizon Love, drops this gem in "Friday."

  4. “You got to be a stupid [expletive] to get fired on your day off.”This is another great line from "Friday" by Chris Tucker’s character, Smokey.

  5. “Hey Day-Day, that crazy [expletive] out there again!” This movie quote is from Uncle Elroy, played by Don "D.C." Curry in "Next Friday."

  6. “Man, look at them tig o' bitties.”The character Day-Day, played by Mike Epps, drops this hilarious quote in "Next Friday."

  7. “C'mon, Young Blood. Don't kill me, man. I got a [expletive] girlfriend. I got a wife on the side.” This is a classic movie quote from "Next Friday" by the character Pinky, played by Clifton Powell.

  8. “It's good to be home. Because in prison, dog, hey ain't nothing but fellows up in there.” This quote from "Friday After Next" is from the character Damon, played by Terry Crews.

  9. “Do y'all got a bathroom up in here? I gotta piss like a Russian racehorse at the Kentucky Derby with a glue truck behind it.” Money Mike, played by Katt Williams, in "Friday After Next" makes audiences laugh with this great movie quote.

  10. “That's right. Got my [expletive] back in the projects. The only place where you get robbed by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.” One of the greatest quotes of the "Friday" movies comes from Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube, in "Friday After Next."