The 10 best comedy scenes of 2010 brings you the pleasure of sitting in front of the TV (or the computer) and watching some of the best actors Hollywood has to offer doing what they do best. The great part of 2010 is that not all of the best scenes even came from comedies. That’s how you can tell a good actor or actress from a great one; the ability to bring intentional laughs to an otherwise dramatic performance.

  1. Fake orgasm in “Easy A”. One of the best comedy scenes in this ‘Scarlet Letter’ satire/update is the one where Olive (Emma Stone) fakes a sexual encounter with a gay friend so the teasing he’s getting at school will stop. Probably the best fake sex since “Showgirls”.

  2. Hit Girl’s opening scene in “Kick-Ass”. It’s really surprising the director Matthew Vaughn got twelve-year-old Chloe Moretz to the drop the C-bomb and the F-bomb in her opening scene as she fights off a robbers, but it was hilarious to watch, making it one of the best comedy scenes of 2010.

  3. The End of Heroes in “The Other Guys”. For the first fifteen minutes or so of the film, the plot revolved around the adventures of two rouge cops played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as they foil crime after crime. Their last ill-advised stunt to save the day made this one of the most unexpected and best comedy scenes of 2010.

  4. Jacob meets his mom in “Hot Tub Time Machine”. There are so many great comedy scenes in this film that they are too numerous to mention, but the one where young Jacob meets his conservative mom in her younger 1980’s self is side-splitting funny.

  5. Mark Walhberg, action star in “Date Night”. Cameo appearances in films often get a good reaction from audiences, but to have drama and action star (and one-time rapper) Mark Wahlberg show up in several parts of the film completely shirtless and with the answer to every dilemma that Tiny Fey’s and Steve Carell’s characters face really ranked as one of the best comedy scenes of the year.

  6. Drunk Tony in “Iron Man 2”. The best thing that can be said about Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of comic book hero Tony Stark is that he made the role his own. This can be seen where Tony, distraught over what he believes is his impending death, throws a party while still in the Iron Man suit and makes a complete fool out of himself.  

  7. A “Soloist” reunion in “Due Date”. Robert Downey Jr makes second appearance on this list for his other great comedy scene in 2010, this time with his “The Soloist” co-star Jamie Foxx, along with Zach Galifianakis. If watching Galifianakis bouncing along chaotically in the bed of a pickup truck doesn’t spark laughter, then nothing will.

  8. Cheech Marin as psycho priest in “Machete”. What started out as a fake trailer for another movie became a real movie all its own and featured pot icon Cheech Marin plays the lead character’s brother, a priest who doesn’t mind a little mass killing if it’s called for, which resulted in one of the best comedy scenes of 2010.

  9. The trials of Scott Pilgrim in “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”. It’s hard to pick out which of the battles of the evil ex’s Michael Cera’s character must face down comprise one of the best comedy scenes of 2010. However, despite the poor box office numbers, it’s still a recommended film if you’re a fan of the comic or of 80’s video games in general.

  10. The Dinner in “Dinner for Schmucks”. The entire last third of the movie (The Idiot’s Dinner) itself is simply one of the best comedy scenes of 2010.  Every oddball character there, particularly Zack Galifianakis and Steve Carrell make this movie worth seeing.