A good way to spend an evening with someone you love is to watch one or two of the 10 best comedy romance movies ever made. These movies combine romance, comedy and conflict in a way that is both entertaining and satisfying. Couples that watch comedy romance movies together often wind up creating some romance, and maybe some comedy, of their own. Accordingly, the ten best comedy romance movies include films that appeal to both guys and girls.

  1. “It Happened One Night.” A young heiress is on the run from her father who has offered a large reward for her return. An out-of-work newspaper reporter spots the daughter, but instead of turning her in, agrees to help her in exchange for an exclusive story. This screwball comedy romance movie stars Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert and won the five biggest Academy Awards, a feat duplicated only twice since.

  2. “Pretty Woman.” A wealthy corporate raider in Los Angeles for business crosses paths with a beautiful, engaging prostitute. He ends up hiring her for a week to act as his escort. This is one of the best comedy romance movies because it made Julia Roberts a superstar and enhanced Richard Gere's already enormous appeal.

  3. “Roman Holiday.” Audrey Hepburn is a princess on tour in Europe who escapes from her handlers while in Rome with the intent of experiencing the city as a normal person. Newsman Gregory Peck befriends Hepburn by accident, recognizes her, and secretly sets out to get an exclusive story.

  4. “My Big Fa Greek Wedding.” A young Greek woman is getting married. There are only two problems. First, her fiance is not Greek. Second, her family insists on “helping” with every aspect of planning the wedding. This comedy romance movie, starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, was a surprise box office hit.

  5. “The Philadelphia Story.” Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn play a couple that married young and quickly divorced. When Grant learns that Hepburn is about to marry again, he decides that she's the girl for him after all. He arrives uninvited at Hepburn's family estate days before the wedding with two tabloid reporters in tow and a scheme to win Hepburn back. Jimmy Stewart won an Academy Award in this comedy romance for his performance.

  6. “His Girl Friday.” Cary Grant plays a newspaper editor whose ex-wife, a former reporter, is getting married again. Determined to get back his ex, played by Rosalind Russell, Grant persuades her to cover one last story. This screwball comedy romance movie features funny, fast-paced dialogue.

  7. “Sleepless in Seattle.” When a recently widowed man calls a radio show, at the urging of his son, to talk about the wonderful marriage he had, a woman on the other side of the country hears his story and falls in love. This engaging comedy romance stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

  8. “The Thrill of It All.” James Garner plays a successful doctor whose homemaker wife, played by Doris Day, is discovered by advertisers and becomes successful in TV commercials. In fact, she becomes so successful that her husband becomes jealous. One of the best scenes in this comedy romance movie is when James Garner drives his car into a swimming pool.

  9. “When Harry Met Sally.” A man and woman who have been friends for years unexpectedly find their relationship escalating to the next level. Billy Crystal and America's Sweetheart, Meg Ryan, star in this comedy romance. Ryan's simulation of a sex act in public has become the stuff of film legend.

  10. “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” Audrey Hepburn plays New York party girl Holly Golightly, a popular, but somewhat eccentric young woman originally from the Ozarks. When a young man played by George Peppard, a gigolo who claims to be a writer, moves next door, an unlikely romance ensues. Hepburn and Peppard give such wonderful performances that this comedy romance movie has become a pop culture icon.