Laughter is indeed the best medicine and watching the 10 best comedy movies trailers in this millennium gives you a peak that promises good laughs any time of the day.  And with the stress of the daily grind these may just be what the doctor ordered! These movies may not promise to keep you rolling on the floor, but the punch lines and hilarious movie montage in the trailers can be enough to make you want to get a DVD or head off to the movie house.

"Wedding Crashers" (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh)

Viewers with a thing for romantic comedy movies may find this 2005 movie a classic.  When cupid’s arrow hits one of their buddies, their party crashing days become numbered. This movie made the 10 best comedy movies trailer cut with its simple, yet ingenious plot and punch line deliveries only the likes of Wilson and Vaughn can achieve.

"The 40-year-old Virgin" (Steve Carrel)

When Carrell puts on his game face, you are sure to get a belly laugh.  With the side-splitting idea of a guy in his 40s still holding on to his V card, Carell’s 2005 movie took a spot in the 10 best comedy movies trailer. Oh well, better late than never, right?

"Meet the Parents" (Ben Stiller, Robert de Niro)

Meeting your future-in-laws may not be a funny thing, but watching  Greg Focker trying to impress his girlfriend’s parents can get quite amusing particularly when everything turns into disaster. Talk about Murphy’s law at work!

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (Jason Segel and Kristen Bell)

Getting over a break up can become a wild adventure.  But throwing a pity party with the ex in the background?  Come on! This disaster comedy definitely makes the 10 best comedy movies trailer list.

"Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (Will Ferrel)

Picturing Will Ferrell alone as a hottie, sex symbol may already be hilarious as it already is, but the adventure takes a more interesting twist when this ego-centric newsman of the '70s finds his match. It’s more than a battle of sexes, it’s a war.

"DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story" (Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Vince Vaughn)

Anyone who loves the Stiller and Vaughn chemistry will totally enjoy this movie. The story begins when the leads form a dodgeball team to save their local gym from being overthrown by a tough competitor (played by Ben Stiller). You’ll burst out laughing watching how the team trains for the tournament of their life.

"Superbad" (Michael Cera and Jonah Hill) 

Would you ever admit to your high-school bud that you are co-dependent?  Cera and Hill are two high school loser-best friends who want to prove they're cool by buying booze for the biggest party of the year, only to get into a series of misadventures that will leave you rolling on the floor. In the end, they find out that there is something beyond beer and girls that they are afraid of.

"The Hangover" (Zack Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha)

A bachelor party gone wrong. What will you do when the groom-to-be goes MIA after a party that you cannot recall due to an extreme hangover?  With all the failed adventure in trying to retrace the events that happened, this 2009 film made the 10 best comedy movies trailer.

"Knocked Up" (Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl)

What if two perfect strangers who had a one night stand ended up with the girl getting pregnant? Sounds quite familiar maybe. In the trailer, you take a peak at a couple’s misadventures as they agree to bring a child into the world as a couple.

"Blades of Glory" (Will Ferrell and Jon Heder) 

Again, another Will Ferrel-feeling-sex symbol movie! Here, both Ferrell and Heder, once each other’s worst nemesis, have to work together as a team to make the Olympics. Movie montages of their so-called graceful skating is so hilarious, it definitely makes the top 10 best comedy movies trailers cuts.