The list of the 10 best comedy movies for family movie night includes some of the most entertaining and purely fun movies ever made. Sitting around with your family once a week to watch a great film, with popcorn and sodas in hand, is great quality time. These movies are the kind that entertain child and adult alike, leaving no one unsatisfied.

  1. "Elf" This Christmas movie can be fun any time of year, and is certainly one of the best comedy movies for family movie night. Will Farrell plays a man raised by elves on the North Pole. After learning this, he sets out for New York City to find his real dad, where many hysterical and cute fish-out-of-water events take place.

  2. “Toy Story” An instant classics from Disney/Pixar, this film, one of the first to use exclusive computer-generated images, is one of the best comedy movies for family movie night. Woody and his toy pals welcome the new Buzz Lightyear into their group, and must fight off the evil next-door neighbor as humorous situations unfold.

  3. "The Lion King" This movie from 1994 spawned a lavish Broadway musical, two sequels, and millions of devoted fans. Simba, a young lion who watches his father’s demise, attempts to reclaim his kingdom from the evil hyenas, aided by his pals, Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and warthog, one of Hollywood’s funniest duos ever.

  4. "The Emperor's New Groove" David Spade lends his wise-cracking sense of humor to his character Emperor Kuzco in this animated feature. A great bet for family movie night, Spade's hard-hearted emperor gets turned into a llama and teams up with John Goodman’s character to attempt to right several wrongs.

  5. "Shrek" The anti-Disney animated movie, "Shrek" was a monster success of a film, delighting parent and child alike. An ogre who lives in a swamp, Shrek becomes the unwilling lead player in a fairy tale he suddenly finds himself in.

  6. "Finding Nemo" This 2003 movie follows a desperate clown fish looking for his lost son. Along the way he finds Dory, a fish with short-term memory loss voiced hysterically by Ellen DeGeneres. The son, Nemo, is among his own funny crew in a dentist’s office, plotting to make his way back to sea.

  7. “Monsters, Inc." The wonderful voice talents of John Goodman and Billy Crystal bring to life the characters of Sulley and Mike, monsters who make their living scaring kids. But after an adorable child enters their world, they realize that getting kids to laugh better suits their purposes.

  8. "The Little Mermaid" This movie started the amazing Disney run of great animated features in the late 1980s, and not only is it probably already in your library, it’s one of the best comedy movies for family movie night. Ariel the mermaid wants to be a human, but at what cost? Her pal Sebastian the crab provides great comic relief.

  9. "Tangled" This film, one of the best comedy movies for family movie night, tells the story of the long-locked Rapunzel. The character Flynn Rider is her dashing partner, giving someone for both the boy and girl in your household to cheer for.

  10. "Ice Age" Comedians Ray Romano, Jack Black, Denis Leary, and John Lequizamo lead this brilliant cast, voicing animals trying to escape the oncoming ice age. Considering its box office haul of almost $400 million, yours won't be the only family loving this film.