The 10 best comedy movies 2009 have a diverse take on the genre. They follow strange, yet humorous situations that will keep you laughing the entire movie. Some are family comedies, while others are for mature audiences only. In the year 2009 many great comedies were released, and all of these movies stand out above the rest.

  1. "Adventureland" The best comedy movie from 2009 is set in the summer of 1987 at a local amusement park. A college graduate takes a low level job at the amusement park since his Europe trip fell through. It winds up being a summer he will never forget. It's a great comedy that has heart and laughter.

  2. "Zombieland" Mixing horror with comedy, "Zombieland" follows two survivors in a world overrun by zombies. They are so detached from the world, the pair call each other be the town they are from instead of their real names. Columbus and Tallahassee are a mismatched pair that encounter many humorous moments while trying to stay alive.

  3. "Couples Retreat" The 2009 comedy movie revolves around four couples vacationing at an exclusive tropical island resort for couples going through problems. Only one couple admits their marriage is in danger, and the others tag along under the impression it will be a vacation. It's anything but a vacation and they have strict rules, no electronics, and no escape from each other.

  4. "I Love You, Man" One of the best comedy movies 2009 is about a successful businessman Peter getting engaged, and realizing he has no male friends to participate in the wedding. Peter is determined to find a best man for the wedding and gets set up on blind friend dates. He bonds with Sydney, who starts causing problems in Peter's life. 

  5. "The Princess and the Frog" The cute 2009 animated comedy movie is about Prince Naveen's desperate need to become a human after a voodoo doctor turns him into a frog. He meets Tiana who agrees to kiss him, but instead of the curse breaking, something else goes wrong. It's a fun loving comedy that the entire family can watch together.

  6. "It's Complicated" Jane, a business woman who has three grown kids and an ex-husband she gets along with, is suddenly thrust back into a romantic relationship with her ex. The only problem is, her ex-husband Jake is re-married to a much younger woman which makes for a sticky situation . The 2009 comedy movie has a great cast which includes, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin.

  7. "I Love You Beth Cooper" During his commencement speech at graduation, Dennis Cooverman decides to tell Beth Cooper he loves her. He does not stop at that, Dennis also speaks his mind about classmates he is not fond about. The 2009 comedy follows the adventures Dennis encounters from speaking his mind.

  8. "Bruno" One of the best comedy movies 2009 for anyone who likes crude slap stick humor. The movies is about Bruno, a man who seeks worldwide fame. The comedy follows Bruno creating crazy situations all over the world. The entire movie you will be questioning what is real, and what is fake.

  9. "The Proposal" A successful uptight business woman finds herself on the brink of being deported. She solves the problem by saying she is engaged to Andrew, her under appreciated assistant. The 2009 comedy movie revolves around the pair trying to keep up the charade that they are engaged to be married.

  10. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" The third installment in the "Ice Age" series is one of the best comedy movies 2009. In the movie, Manny is expecting his first child, Sid causes trouble as usual, and Diego thinks he is becoming too nice. The family comedy is great for all ages to enjoy.