The ten best comedy movies of 2007 may be a little different for everyone. The year 2007 had a variety of comedy movies ranging from childrens movies all the way to comedies strictly not for kids. Compiled below, via polling, is a list of the ten best comedy movies of 2007.

  1. Superbad.”Superbad” stars Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This is a tale of three guys in their senior year at high school, just trying to get some alcohol and get to a party. But, things don’t always turn out the way you want them to, especially for these three.

  2. “Knocked Up.” “Knocked Up,” stars Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl, and is a comedy movie from 2007. Career oriented Allison meets a slacker named Ben in a night club. They go home together and then do not see each other for about eight weeks. Allison suddenly realizes she is pregnant and finally contacts Ben. The two discuss the situation and decide to try and be together, for the baby.

  3. Shrek the Third.” One of the best comedy movies of 2007 was “Shrek the Third” starring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz, along with several other well known names. Shrek is off to find the heir to the throne of Fiona’s father, since he has passed away, and just as Shrek is leaving, Fiona tells him that she is pregnant.

  4. “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” “Alvin and the Chipmunks” was released in December, 2007. A comedy movie for all age, Dave Seville is a struggling song writer and has just been shot down again when three talking chipmunks hitch a ride home with him in a basket of baked goods. But, he soon finds out that these chipmunks can do more than talk, they can sing.

  5. Juno.” “Juno,” was released in December, 2007 and stars Ellen Page as Juno. Juno is a sixteen-year old who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. After deliberation, she decides to give the baby up for adoption. Doesn't sound much like a comedy, but Juno's dead pan sarcasm is as hilarious as it is endearing.

  6. “The Simpsons Movie.” Finally after twenty years “The Simpsons” has gone to the big screen.

  7. “Good Luck Chuck.” “Good Luck Chuck,” stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. In “Good Luck Chuck” Chuck believes a girl from his childhood placed a curse on him that he would never find true love. In his attempt to win over a girl, he tries to find a way to beat the curse.

  8. “Enchanted.” “Enchanted” stars Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. In this movie an animated princess is pulled from her world and thrust into the world of real life New York City.

  9.  “Ratatouille.” “Ratatouille” is a Disney Pixar comedy of released in 2007. In this movie a rat named Remy teams up with a restaurant chef and together they try to achieve both their dreams of becoming great chefs.

  10. “Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story.” “Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story” starring John C. Reilly, is a comedy about the life of a fictional rock and roll star. This is one of those movies that you love to hate. But, it is still worthy of being on the list of the ten best comedy movies of 2007.