The 10 best comedy movies of 2006 include some classic guy movies as well as a couple of chick flicks that are actually not bad choices if you're looking for something to watch with your girlfriend or wife on a Friday night. You probably caught some of these at the theaters, but maybe some titles among the best comedy movies of 2006 will be ones you missed. In any event, they're all worth checking out:

  1. "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are hysterical as NASCAR drivers who go from best friends to rivals, only to get caught up in a competition with a gay French driver (Sacha Baron Cohen). It's silly, stupid and maybe the funniest movie of 2006.

  2. "Little Miss Sunshine." A foul-mouthed and riotously funny, yet dysfunctional family take a road trip to get a young girl into a beauty pageant. One of the top comedy movies of 2006 also won two Oscars, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (the great Alan Arkin).

  3. "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan." Sacha Baron Cohen's other brilliant role in 2006 made audience squirm with discomfort and laugh out loud for 90 minutes straight. Very nice.

  4. "Flushed Away." This is one for the family. Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet lend their voices to an animated feature about a world of talking and very funny rats amid the sewers of London. The comedy was produced by Dreamworks and Aardman Animations, the makers of the "Wallace and Gromit" cartoons.

  5. "The Holiday." Perfect date movie and you get to check out Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet in basically every scene. It's a Christmas-time romantic comedy about two women who swap houses during the holidays to escape relationship problems.

  6. "Night at the Museum." Ben Stiller stars as a struggling single dad who takes a job as a night watchman in the museum, where the dinosaurs, stuffed monkeys, tiny soldiers and other exhibits come to life until dawn. The effects are great, and like "Flushed Away," it's a great one for kids, too.

  7. "Accepted." After being rejected by every college he applies to, high school slacker (Justin Long) establishes his own college: the South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T., get it?). This is one of those genuinely funny movies that sort of got lost in the shuffle of other box office hits, but it's definitely worth a rental.

  8. "The Benchwarmers." Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder are grown-up outcasts who never quite got over some of the bullying issues from their youths. They form a three-man baseball team and challenge the cocky youth league teams to games, only to find they are attracting other misfits who want a chance to have fun and star on the baseball field. Watch for Jon Lovitz, as a nerd who became a millionaire and collects goofy sci-fi movie and TV memorabilia.

  9. "Click." Adam Sandler stars as a busy family man who buys a universal remote control that can pause time, rewind back in time and fast forward to the future. Naturally, what seems like a gift to give him more time with his architectural work and to speed through foreplay, eventually gets out of control. The ending is actually pretty touching, and thought-provoking.

  10. "The break-Up." As romantic comedies go, this one can be dangerous as it charts the ups and the many downs of a couple wh break up, but try to still share their home. Vince Vaughn is funny as usual and Jennifer Aniston is at her cutest and sexiest. If the movie sparks an argument with you and your lady, there's always the Make-Up sex to even it out.