The Brits are known for comedy and there are 10 best British Comedy Films every fan of that special English brand of humor must see.  While most people think immediately of bad teeth, bad food and great music when it comes to England, it's that dry British humor that gets us every time. 

  1.  "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" - Literally the 'holy grail' of all comedies, this absurd little film never fails to entertain.  Instantly quotable and forever memorable, a must watch for fans of Monty Python and everybody else.  And who can forget lines like "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries?" Genius!

  2. "Bedazzled" - Forget the Brendan Frasier snooze-fest and watch this original 1967 film starring the comedy team of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.  Moore plays a love-struck short order cook while Cook, as the devil, tempts him with getting his beloved, under more and more ludicrous scenarios, with the cheerful magic words "Julie Andrews!"  Funny, engaging, and very, very clever.

  3. "Snatch" - No shortage of bullets, brawling or belly-busting laughter during this Guy Ritchie directed movie.  With an all-star cast including Brad Pitt, Benecio Del Toro, Dennis Farina and others, this all-out crazy movie involves a jewelry heist, a rigged boxing match, and one very hungry dog.  One of the best, recent, British comedy films.

  4. "A Fish Called Wanda" - It has to work.  It's got John Cleese and Michael Palin for pete's sake.  In London, some very colorful characters commit the ultimate crime, then try and double-cross each other with hilarious results.  You'll wind up rooting for all of them.  Americans Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline join in the fun as well.

  5. "The Full Monty" - Who doesn't love a good stripper story?  How about a stripper story involving working class blokes with less than perfect bodies?  This little gem of a movie caught world-wide attention for it's heart, and for those deluded, yet confident guys who were willing to bare their bodies so that we may laugh.  A great British comedy movie.

  6. "Wallace & Gromit in he Curse of the Were-rabbit" - Now this seems like it shouldn't work.  An out-dated form of animation about a guy, his dog, and a supernatural rabbit.   But it does work and it works wonderfully.  An enchanting tale that's a lot of fun and one you can actually watch with your nephew.

  7. "Withnail and I" -   The movie takes place in 1969 where a couple of slackers, before slackers actually had a name, sit around and moan about the lack of acting jobs instead of actually doing something about it.  So they do what most slackers do to avoid work.  Go on holiday! A black comedy and a buddy film that doesn't try too hard and succeeds on all levels.

  8. "Life of Brian" - Sure it can't top the genius that was Holy Grail but this is yet another Monty Python work that is a must on the list of best British Comedy Films.   In the ultimate case of mistaken identity, poor Brian is mistaken  most of his life for none other than Jesus.  In true Monty Python, the film ends with a crucifixion and a cheerful song!  Seriously, not for religious fanatics but a must for fans of Monty Python.

  9. "Shaun of the Dead" - Not so much a parody as a homage, this British movie launched the careers of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright and thrilled zombie fans the world over.  With nods to everyone from George Romero to Lucio Fulci, this is a action packed romance that's full of cheerful, zombie-shooting fun.  Lovers and non-lovers of the horror movie genre will enjoy this silly little film.

  10. "Death at a Funeral" - Avoid the unnecessary American remake and opt for this original 2007 film.  A crazy British family, a misplaced corpse and tons of dark dark humor make this movie worthy of the top ten Brit comedies.