There have been some astounding Black comedians who have mesmerized audiences in the 10 best Black comedy films. Names such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby and numerous others have made it possible for new comers such as Ice Cube and Chris Tucker to hit the airways by storm. Never were dreams more possible in becoming reality than when the names of the predecessors were spread across the screen making children realize that their dreams could one day become reality.  

  1. "Stir Crazy." Starred Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder as two of the most inept individuals falsely accused of a bank robbery. The two ended up in prison and made heads spin with scenes such as the one where they attempt to blend in by acting the part of tenured criminals.   

  2. "Blazing Saddles." Originally intended to star Richard Pryor, but due to the controversial nature of his comedy, financing for the movie was a problem. Cleavon Little as an alternate choice made this movie great with it receiving nominations for three Oscars. 

  3. "Trading Places." In starring roles are Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd as they play reverse roles of criminal vs snobbish rich kid instigated by two commodity broker brothers as they spearhead the bet of the century. As the two find out what has happened, they reverse the roles on the Duk brothers removing them from seats on the stock exchange held by their family for generations.    

  4. "48 Hrs." Eddie Murphy once again demonstrates his skills as comedy king when he butt heads with Nick Nolte as a hard nosed cop on the hunt for a lose gun wielding criminal who can only be harnessed with the help of Reggie Hammond.  Best scene is when Reggie Hammond is turned lose in a Red Neck bar.

  5. "Big Momma's House." Stars an Eddie Murphy Protege, Martin Lawrence. Martin Lawrence is an FBI agent who disguises himself as a grand mama while the real grand mama is away. He is assigned to protect the criminals girlfriend and son while also attempting to capture the escaped fugitive.  

  6. "Car Wash." Starring Richard Pryor "Car Wash" was a Black comedy about a close group of employees working at a car wash trying to get by. The soundtrack was by Norman Whitfield and recorded by a group known as "Rose Royce." 

  7. "Sister Act." A Black comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Van Cartier who is the disgruntled girlfriend of a gangster. Deloris mistakenly sees a man killed and becomes the target of her love interest. She is hidden away in a convent as a nun and changes the convent from dull and boring to "Heavenly." The comedy of Kathy Najimy is awesome as she portrays Sister Mary Patrick.

  8. "Jumping Jack Flash." Another Whoopi Goldberg comedy great. Terry a bank data entry clerk takes on the CIA and espionage where spy's are killed and she is targeted to be killed in this comedy, spy thriller, love story.   

  9. "Medea's Family Reunion." Tyler Perry as Medea is amazing and nothing is better than when Ms Cicely Tyson makes a speech that makes you want to cry in this Black comedy that has a message for all.  

  10. "Friday."  Ice Cube stars in one of his first movies in which he also writes and directs. Craig and his friend Smokey hang out on their front porch and observe the neighborhood's unique characters while they try to determine how to repay a drug dealer.