Want to know what the 10 best black comedies are? Black comedies are defined as dark, sardonic stories that help the viewer ignore the more pessimistic topics such as death, illness or war. The best black comedies turns a biting tongue at these topics while delivering a scathing humor that helps you laugh at the horrors on the screen.

  1. “Dr. Strangelove” – Stanley Kubrick directed this war film, one of the best black comedies of all time. Peter Sellers stars in multiple roles as a deranged military man inadvertently starts World War III and it is up to the men in the War Room to avert Armageddon as the missiles in Russia and America are ready to fly.

  2. “Heathers”Christian Slater and Winona Ryder star in this, one of the best black comedies about high school it-crowd and a rebel who intervenes. Shannon Doherty co-stars as one of the mean girls who makes Veronica’s life a living hell until she meets JD and they plot revenge in a deadly way.

  3. “Fargo” – The Coen brothers direct this, one of the best black comedies, about a murder investigation in a small North Dakota town. The story switches between a bungling car salesman who pays two criminals to kidnap his wife and the police officer trying to discover the truth. When murders start to pile up, no one will get out in one piece.

  4. “American Psycho” – “Batman” star Christian Bale stars in this very dark of the best black comedies as Patrick Bateman, a serial killer with a sense of style. The movie switches between Bateman’s work life, his moonlighting as a axe wielding serial killer and is own fantasy world in this nasty, brilliant satire of ‘80s life.

  5. “Cable Guy” – Jim Carey took break from his crowd pleasing film work in the ‘90s with this, one of the best black comedies. Ben Stiller directs and Judd Apatow produces this movie about a cable installation man who begins to stalk a customer, played by Matthew Broderick.

  6. “The War of the Roses” – Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner star in this Danny DeVito directed film, one of the best black comedies of all time. The two play a married couple pushed to the brink of divorce. When the battle over possessions gets out of hand, the two begin to plot the other’s demise in horrific fashion.

  7. “Barton Fink”The Coen brothers directs John Turturro in this, one of the best black comedies. Turturro stars as a Broadway playwright who is hired to write a professional wrestling film for Hollywood. When he arrives, he gets a case of writer’s block and begins to suspect his neighbor is a serial killer.

  8. “Serial Mom” – Kathleen Turner stars as a deranged mother who will do anything to help her family in this, one of the best black comedies. Cult director John Waters directs this offbeat, quirky comedy about a woman who will kill, steal and mutilate to make sure her children succeed in everything they set out to do.

  9. “Death to Smoochy” – Robin Williams stars as loveable children’s character Rainbow Randolph in this, one of the best black comedies. After he is fired and replaced by a new character named Smoochy, Randolph plots the death of his replacement so he can return to the spotlight.

  10. “World’s Greatest Dad” – Robin Williams stars in this Bobcat Goldhwait directed movie, one of the best black comedies. Williams plays a clinically depressed school teacher with a perverted, deranged son. When his son dies during a masturbation session, he fakes a suicide note and reaps the new benefits of his popularity.