Some of the most memorable comedy is available with the 10 best 80’s comedy movies. Great comedy stars like John Belusi, Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Kline, and Rodney Dangerfield, have given outstanding performances that will keep you rolling with laughter.

  1. Blues Brothers” Starring John Belusi as Jake Blues and Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues, both from the original Saturday Night Live cast, with a supporting cast of actors and entertainers. Jake (fresh out of jail) and Elwood are on a mission to put their old blues band back together to raise money and save their childhood homes complete with nuns. A wild ride with great music.

  2. Caddy Shack” Starring Chevy Chase, from the original cast of Saturday Night Live, as Ty Webb, Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik, Bill Murray as the deranged grounds keeper Carl Spackler, and with an all star supporting cast who bring to life a ritzy golf course full of snobs that is under siege by a gopher on a destructive mission. Witty script filled with great comedy. Murray is brilliant.

  3. Airplane” Starring Peter Graves as Captain Clarence Oveur, Julie Hagerty as Elaine Dickinson, and Robert Hays as Ted Striker. This movie about mishaps in flight can only be characterized as an equal opportunity offender because nothing is sacred. Great fun, tremendous off beat comedy, and Barbara Billlingsley as never before.

  4. Nine to Five” Lilly Tomlin as Violet Newstead a widow raising a family, Jane Fonda as Judy Bernly a recent divorcee, and Dolly Parton as Doralee Rhodes the personal secretary, team up against Dabney Coleman their “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss and give him a few life lessons about women in the office.

  5. Tootsie” One of Dustin Hoffman’s greatest performances as Michael Dorsey the actor who is his own worst enemy and Dorothy Michaels successful Soap star. Jessica Lange stars as Julie Nichols daytime star and Teri Garr as Sandy Lester neurotic actress and best friend to Michael. Funny and endearing tale of an out of work actor with a reputation for being too much trouble finds success when he puts on a dress and stars in a soap opera. Another great performance by Dabney Colman.

  6. Coming to America” This uniquely 80’s tale of an African Prince (Eddie Murphy) suffering from an arranged marriage who comes to America (Queens NY) to find his bride, accompanied by his servant Semi (Arsenio Hall). Murphy and Hall play multiple characters supported by an all star cast. Wonderful script, casting, and costumes.

  7. Easy Money” Rodney Dangerfield as Monty Capuletti the baby photographer and Joe Pesci as Nicky Cerone the plumber, team up to get Monty to change his ways so he can inherit a fortune from his late mother in law. Great great fun and great Dangerfield.

  8. A Fish Called Wanda” Outrageous characters team up to commit a robbery and double cross each other. Starring John Cleese as Archie Leach the lawyer, Kevin Kline as Otto, Michael Palin as Ken Pile, as Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda Gershwitz, the girl bait. Palin and Cleese at their funny best. One of Curtis and Kline’s best comedy performances.

  9. Weekend at Bernie’s”   Andrew McCarthy is brilliant as Larry Wilson loser employee joined by fellow coworker Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) who drag around the dead body of their employer Bernie Lomax, brilliantly played by Terry Kiser, in an effort to make him look alive as a hit man keeps trying to succeed.

  10.  “Scrooged”  The slaughter of the Dickens Christmas story as only Bill Murray can do. Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross the narcissist cynical television executive, Karen Allen as Claire Phillips the loving ex-girlfriend, and Alfre Woodard as Grace Cooley his abused assistant.