We guarantee that nothing can help improve your mood like a viewing of any of these 10 awesome comedy movies. Comedy is a genre that is hard to get right -- too many comedies aim for funny, but land somewhere around gross, mean-spirited, or just sort of dumb. All of the awesome comedy movies on this list get it right with likeable characters, smart and funny gags and storylines that keep you engaged.

  1. "The Hangover" This awesome comedy movie about the messy aftermath of a bachelor party gets a lot of laughs out of its "Memento" style retracing of the partiers' lost night. Foregoing the easy lowbrow jokes you might expect, "The Hangover" pulls most of its smart humor from the warm and genuine relationships its characters share.

  2. "The Jerk" What makes this Steve Martin comedy movie so often is his sweet, open and unfailingly optimistic attitude in the face of everything from his first carny job to becoming the target of a mad gunman.

  3. "Life of Brian" Brian, an accidental Messiah, bumbles through the Biblical era. Monty Python's gags are usually smart, sometimes surreal, and make this awesome comedy movie many people's all-time favorite.

  4. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" When an affable loser heads to Hawaii to get over break up, only to find his ex there, the result is this awesome comedy movie. The cast is every bit as fantastic as the plot and dialog.

  5. "After Hours" Events just get more and more outlandish as we follow Griffin Dunne, who only wants to go home. Eventually he's both pursued by angry vigilantes in an ice cream truck, and stolen (no, we didn't mean kidnapped) by art thieves played by Cheech and Chong.

  6. "The Ref" A jewel thief becomes an impromptu family counselor when he kidnaps the most annoying couple in New England in this awesome comedy movie.

  7. "I Heart Huckabees" If only there really were existential detective agencies that could investigate our lives to find meaning. The protagonist of "I Heart Huckabees" visits just such an organization in this awesome comedy movie. Every actor plays their ridiculous roles with deadpan sincerity, which makes every goofy line ten times funnier.

  8. "Animal House" It's the original "slobs versus snobs" comedy, and this awesome comedy movie is every bit as funny now as when it was made. Even the Library of Congress considers the movie "culturally significant." We can't think of any higher praise for one of the best gross-out comedies of all time.

  9. "Real Genius" What makes this comedy movie so awesome is its playfulness and sense of fun. A precocious young genius enters college at the age of 15 and gets lessons in how to lighten up along with the physics and lasers he's there for.

  10. "Rushmore" Max Fischer is a charming iconoclast who has a tough time making his way through the educational system and his general unfitness for an average teenager's life. Add in a romantic triangle where the other two parties are more than twice his age, and you have Wes Anderson's awesome comedy movie.

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