Chinese crime movies can be a great change to your regular movie routine, and many of these Chinese crime movies can be found with English subtitles. You’ll be able to enjoy the suspense and intrigue of a crime movie and a heightened sense of mystery with the Chinese concepts and aspects of the movies that are foreign to you and your friends.

  1. “Triangle” This Chinese crime movie is from 2007 and stars the Chinese actors Louis Koo, Simon Yam and Sun Hong Lei. The story is about three friends, Sam, Fai and Mok, who form the triangle. When their money struggles become unbearable, they take to stealing treasure from a Legislative building, and their friendship is tested by greed and fear.

  2. “Wise Guys Never Die” Another great Chinese crime movie from 2007, “Wise Guys Never Die” is about white collar convict named Nick and played by Nick Chueng and a career convict named Teddy and played by Wong Jing who meet in prison. However, being in the slammer doesn’t exactly teach them a lesson as they take to the streets and become a criminal duo once released.

  3. “Confession of Pain” From 2006, this Chinese crime movie tells the story from the laws points of view. It stars Takeshi Kaneshiro as Bong and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Hei. When a billionaire is ruthlessly murdered, his son-in-law Hei the police detective and Bong the private eye turn to the streets for justice.

  4. “Dragnet Girl” The list wouldn’t be complete without an old school Chinese crime movie. This classic is from 1933 and is categorized not just as a crime movie, but as a gangster thriller. The director, Yasujirô Ozu, does an excellent job setting the eerie, emotional mood and uses amazing camera work to capture the essence of this Chinese crime era. The star-filled cast features the Chinese actors Kinuyo Tanaka, Joji Oka and Sumiko Mizukubo.

  5. “Duel For Gold” This Chinese crime movie is from 1971. It stars the Chinese actors Chin Han, Ivy Ling Po and Wong Ping and was directed by the legendary Chinese director Chu Yuan. It’s the story of two partners in crime who just can’t seem to get along. There’s three pairs of partners in the movie altogether, one of which is a male and female team. But there’s a twist. One of these criminals is actually an undercover law official.

  6. “Mad Detective” 2007 was an excellent year for Chinese crime movies. This one is a particularly suspenseful mystery story about a missing policeman named Wong, played by Lee Kwok Lun, and his stolen gun and the inspector named Ho, played by Andy On, who are determined to find them both. Heists, murders and some serious suspicion are the backbones of this great Chinese crime movie.