From kung fu mastery to sweeping period drama, the 10 most famous Chinese movies are sure to stir your senses. And they won't leave you hungry an hour later unless you don't visit the concession stand.  

  1. "Enter the Dragon" To heck with high art. When you talk about the 10 most famous Chinese movies, there is nowhere else to begin but with Bruce Lee's finest 98 minutes. Blending a spy thriller with a martial arts tournament was the key to showcasing Lee's talents.

  2. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" Who ever heard of a kung fu movie winning four Oscars? Nobody, until this one. Everything from the fight choreography to the interwoven plot lines makes this most famous Chinese movie one everyone could enjoy. And did.

  3. "Hero" Granted, it's thinly veiled propaganda for the modern Chinese government. But telling the story of the founding of the Chin dynasty through multiple pairs of eyes and with loving attention to color and sound elevates this movie to art you can cheer.

  4. "The Last Emperor" Perhaps it's ironic that one of the most famous Chinese movies was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. But with nine Oscars and a cast as powerful as its story, its reputation is more than deserved.

  5. "Kung Fu Hustle" Stephen Chow's biggest notice to American audiences that Jackie Chan's legacy can only get funnier. Satire and psychotically good kung fu abound. Not to mention a bunch of Chan's classmates from his days with the Hong Kong Opera.

  6. "House of Flying Daggers" Taking a page from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" gave this film about rebellion, romance, and lies the deeper meaning Yimou Zhang excels at bringing to the period chop-socky drama. Chinese movie makers would do well to study every frame.

  7. "Mulan" Yes, a Disney film about China is more famous than most Chinese movies about China. It'd be unfair if it weren't one of their most formula-breaking animated flicks. Mulan is no weak little princess waiting for Prince Charming. She fights at his side in drag. Aiya!

  8. "Drunken Master" Jackie Chan's biggest contribution to kung fu and Chinese movies in one bundle. Besides proving kung fu can be funny and kick serious butt at the same time, he introduced the world to drunken fist kung fu. He told you he was hardcore.

  9. "Shaolin Soccer" Using shaolin kung fu to enhance your soccer game is crazy enough to work. This movie takes that to even wilder extremes, including a demonstration of how to use "tai chi kung fu" to make steamed buns. No, that doesn't exist, really. Translators have their fun sometimes.

  10. "Forbidden Kingdom" Jet Li and Jackie Chan. In the same movie. And they fight each other. It would've been great if that was all they did. Giving an American kid a dream education in kung fu gave Chinese movie lovers a character they all could wish to be.