These 10 funny Chinese movies take a lighter look at serious subjects. Love, fear and the quandaries of everyday life evoke laughs in almost every scene in these films. You will have a difficult time not cracking up when watching these movies.

  1. “Kung Fu Hustle” Set in the 1940s, this Chinese movie follows a man wanting nothing more than to join the mafia. His ambition is so great, in fact, that he hardly bats an eye when the group of criminals plan to overtake a housing project. However, none of them expected the takeover to involve a Kung Fu battle to the death. “Kung Fu Hustle” portrays the battle between good and evil with a light touch, making it a hilariously funny Chinese comedy film.

  2.  “20, 30, 40” The three women in this Chinese comedy might be different ages, but the situations they encounter are all similarly hilarious. The film takes a light look at what it means to be a woman in today’s society and reinforces how important it is to take yourself—and your life—lightly.

  3. “Shaolin Soccer” In this movie brothers unite to incorporate their martial arts skills into soccer. The results of their work are hilarious and, surprisingly, successful. This sports movie overflows with laughter-inducing scenes.

  4. “From Beijing with Love” This movie blends action and comedy when it follows an incompetent spy on his quest for ancient dinosaur bones. Creative and hilarious, “From Beijing with Love” is guaranteed to make any viewer laugh.

  5. “The God of Cookery” Chefs fear him and the public loves him, but when the so-called God of Cookery is exposed as a fraud, his reputation as the best chef in the business is questioned. “The God of Cookery,” is a funny Chinese movie.

  6. “Wheels on Meals” This comedy film follows two cousins as they team up with a martial arts expert to protect Sylvia, a pickpocket. Their chase and attempts to save the “desperate” lady put them in hilariously dangerous places.

  7. “The Shopaholics” She can’t stop shopping, but neither can she choose to love the psychiatrist trying to help her or her counterpart: a male shopaholic. The need for her to decide between the two while trying to manage her addiction puts her in humorous and unique situations. This movie is one of the funniest Chinese movies ever made.

  8. “If You Were the One” Rather than be silly, this movie relies on the subtleties of human life and love that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. The film tells the tale of two women who decide to take a trip to rid themselves of their past, but in doing so find out more about themselves than they bargained for. “If You Were the One” is a intellectual comedy that many viewers will fall in love with.

  9. “Good Times, Bed Times” In this movie, a tabloid writer discovers what it’s like to be the news and not just writing it! The film follows the foibles of two couples as they try, fail and try again to be together. “Good Times, Bed Times” is a sweet and romantic Chinese comedy.

  10. “City Hunter” An over-the-top comedy starring Jackie Chan as a self-indulgent cop, this movie tells the tale of what happens when self-obsessed group of individuals is stuck on a boat with very little food. While definitely silly, this movie is still one funny Chinese film.