In this ranking of the 10 best Chinese romance movies, you’ll learn about some of the best movies in which the Chinese people have expressed their deepest feelings. By watching these movies, you’ll find out more about the romantic side of their culture. Enjoy these movies and expand your film repertoire.

  1. “Secret.” Chinese director Jay Chou brings us this love story, possibly adapted from his personal life. The story begins when Ye Xianglun moves to a secondary school of musicians where he’ll meet Lu Xiaoyu. She plays a beautiful melody and Ye wants to know more about it but Lu tells him that it’s a secret that she can’t reveal.

  2. “If You Are the One.” In this movie, we can appreciate the many different yet beautiful landscapes of China, fancy ceremonies and luxury. However, the most important elements here are the movie’s themes of love and comedy. This movie was a total success not only in China, but also in the US.

  3. “L For Love, L For Lies.” Stephy Tang is the star of this Chinese movie and is also considered one of the cutest actresses in China. Along with actors Alex Fong Lik-Sun and Alice Tzeng, she makes this movie an excellent drama to watch.

  4. “My Dream Boat.” What could be more dramatic than two men fighting for the love of a woman? The two men fighting in this movie are actually friends. You’ll get really deep into this story.

  5. “Sealed with a Kiss.” This story develops on a Chinese island where Kam Shui has an inn for tourists. Mandy arrives at the island and will make Kam fall in love with her. The title of the movie also refers to the title of the famous song by Peter Udell and Gary Geld, which is a key factor in bringing the pair together.

  6. “Itchy Heart.” This movie mixes romance and comedy in China. It starts when Poon’s wife leaves to travel and he stays home alone. He’s tempted to cheat on his wife not only with a beautiful and young woman, but also with his ex-girlfriend. Watch this really funny movie full of hilarious situations and find out how it ends.

  7. “Juliet in Love.” 90 minutes of intense drama and romance will make you feel deep emotions. During her life, Judy has experienced tragedies including her failed marriage and her father’s accident. Among these difficult times, she’ll meet Jordan, who will change her life forever.

  8. “The Romantic Fool.” This movie is told through letters. A student named Xia wants to write a book, so she decides to move to a house her cousin arranged for her. She soon notices that her neighbor’s mailbox is full of letters, so she decides to contact the owner, but the owner wants the letters burned. In her curiosity, Xia decides to read all of them inside and within them she’ll find a love story.

  9. “Still Life.” A miner travels miles away just to find his ex-wife. In this interesting film made in China, both characters won’t ever find each other but they will experience changes in the people around them.

  10. “City of Glass.” This highly acclaimed Chinese film was released in 1998. It has a stunning cast including Leon Lai Ming, Shu Qi, Nicola Cheung Sun-Yu and Daniel Wu. The movie broke records by being nominated in twelve different categories in the eighteenth Annual Hong Kong Film Awards.