The 10 best Chinese movies with English subtitles are extremely entertaining, insightful and emotional. Because they have English subtitles, English speaking viewers can watch these movies to gain insight into Chinese culture. Whether dramatic, romantic or full of action, each of these Chinese movies shines.

  1. Secret.” When a new student at a prestigious music university encounters a lovely girl playing the piano on his first day, he is stunned when she tells him that she cannot share the name or any information about the song with him. The two form a deep friendship, but he cannot leave the unknown music behind. “Secret” is one of the best Chinese movies with English subtitles.

  2. Lust, Caution.” Set during World War II, this Chinese movie with English subtitles tells the story of a young woman who gets caught in the politics and games of a spy. Soon, it's clear that her involvement might not have been random and that she might have more than her life at risk.

  3. Blind Mountain.” When Bai finishes college she accepts a job harvesting herbs. But when she arrives in the remote village, she finds that she has actually been sold into slavery and tat she is expected to carry children. In a country where very few women remain, the most frightening aspect of this movie is the very same one that makes it so good: the possibility of it being a true. "Blind Mountain" is one of the greatest Chinese movies with English subtitles.

  4. Curse of the Golden Flower.” When the Emperor unexpectedly returns home, it's  obvious that his explanation of wanting to spend time with his family is a lie. His return unravels a family that has been precariously based on lies, some as shocking as a sexual relationship between the Empress and her step son. The “Curse of the Golden Flower” tells the tale of the most powerful family in China as they struggle to acquire their desires, no matter what it costs their family members.

  5. After This Our Exile.” After his mother’s death, a young son turns to stealing to support his alcoholic father. Still, though, he doesn’t give up on his desire to leave poverty behind him. The movie shows how family and desires are not always in accord, and how sometimes being selfish is necessary.

  6. Shanghai Triad.” In this subtitled Chinese film, a young boy is recruited by his uncle to work as the assistant to a mob boss’s wife. As he grows up, he becomes more and more enmeshed in the criminal world, and more in love with the woman he is dedicated to serving.

  7. To Live.” Following a Chinese family from 1940-1970, this movie shows what it means to live in the country during its most tumultuous times. Over the years the family turns from wealthy landowners to poverty stricken workers, forcing them to reevaluate the meaning of life.

  8. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” This famous Chinese subtitled movie tells the tale of two warriors sent to find a criminal and the magical sword he stole. On their journey, however, one of the warriors falls in love with a unstable girl, her inability to return the warrior's love threatens the journey's success.  Internationally acclaimed, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is a great Chinese movie with English subtitles.

  9. A Girl from Hunan.” When a young girl travels to the countryside to be with her two year old betrothed, she isn't surprised when she assumes the role of his nanny. What does surprise her, though, is the lives the other women in the village live; soon she finds herself reading and having an affair. When she discovers she’s pregnant, the fate that awaits her is either death or slavery. This touching film about a girl discovering what she thought was out of her grasp is one of the best Chinese films with English subtitles.

  10. Temptress Moon.” When the patriarch of a family who turned his children into opium addicts dies, his daughter has no choice but to take over running the household. Being unsophisticated, however, she finds that the repercussions from her several mistakes could be more severe than she realized. “Temptress Moon” is a great English subtitled Chinese film.