These 10 best Chinese movies of 2008 will get you totally into the entertaining Asian film industry. The year 2008 was a special year that brought cool action movies and touching dramas all year round. Distinct from Hollywood style, these movies portray their own interpretation of emotion and good story-telling. Whenever you feel ready, check out one of these gold pieces.

  1. “Ip Man” If you’re curious about who was responsible for teaching awesome butt-kicking kung fu moves to Bruce Lee, then watch this movie. This Chinese martial arts film will gives you enough information to understand some of that valuable heritage.

  2. “Red Cliff” This is John Woo’s biggest masterpiece to date. There is no better place for traditional war movies than in China were Dynasties clashed for power, honor and freedom. Starring acclaimed actors, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhang Fengyi, this film is an Asian blockbuster.

  3. “All About Women” After some action and war, it’s time to get romantic with this 2008 gem. Director Tsui Hark displays a triad of beautiful Chinese ladies to demonstrate intimacy and comedy with their personal stories.

  4. “And The Spring Comes” For a twist to this list, you can find an artistic leitmotiv in this movie. Be the witness of Wang Calling’s success as she eagerly aspires to be a big-time opera singer. She’s not the only one with ambitious dreams. As the story develops, she’ll meet many more friends who share many aspirations.

  5. “Forever Enthralled” This compelling biographical movie still makes China rejoice with such exquisite scenes and dramatic dialogues. It’s the story of Mei Lanfang, a magnificent star when it comes to fantastic opera performances.

  6. “CJ7” Director Stephen Chow showed his great sense of humor with “Kung Fu Hustle” and his love for sports with “Shaolin Soccer”. In this movie, he delivers some good science fiction with CJ7, a funny alien that you will grow to love.

  7. “The Way We Are” Probably the best Chinese movie in 2008, it gives a peek into life in Hong Kong for a low class citizen. Mundane and everyday small things can become the most essential to understand human behavior.

  8. “The Beast Stalker” For more serious Chinese action, delight your senses with this groundbreaking 2008 movie. The scenes will give you neither a moment to breathe nor a chance to turn your head the moment you see the beautiful actress, Zhang Jinchu.

  9. “Painted Skin” With a touch of action, drama, fantasy and a little bit of horror, this Chinese movie received tons of nominations for its great cinematography, which translates into terrific eye-catching moments.

  10. “Connected” In the West, we knew the movie as “Cellular,” which was an outstanding thriller. In 2008, a Chinese version was released with the same premise. This adaptation of the plot is a crime story that’s still interesting to retell once more.