Whether you’re looking to impress a Chinese love or bone up on your Chinese language and culture skills, these films, the 10 best Chinese love movies, will do you a lot of good. They come from a range of genres, so you’ll never get bored. Some of them you might have already seen, but a number of them are more obscure but still worth tracking down and watching.

  1. "In the Mood for Love." Hands down the best Chinese love movie ever made. The film is about a relationship that takes place in the early 1960s in Hong Kong.

  2. "Fatal Love." This 1993 film is about a young female cop assigned a dangerous undercover mission. Along the way, she ends up falling in love with the leader of a drug cartel.

  3. "Missing." This one gets our vote for best Chinese love movie with supernatural elements. It is similar to the American film “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze, about how love never dies, even when the love object does.

  4. "Fly Me to Polaris." “Fly Me to Polaris” is an engaging flick about a young man who is hit by a car and dies. He in taken to Polaris, where he might have a chance to reunite with his beloved on earth.

  5. "Crazy Sex." This film brings an erotic element to classic Chinese fairy tales. Directed by the renowned Han Hsiang Li, it is one of the best Chinese love movies ever made.

  6. "Permanent Residence." “Permanent Residence” is the best Chinese love movie in the gay category. It is about a young man pursuing an impossible relationship with a heterosexual man.

  7. "Screwball ’94." This is the best Chinese love movie in the comedy category. A young man who can’t get laid discovers a genie in the bottle. Suddenly, all his wishes come true—with uproarious results.

  8. "Hot Summer Days." On the hottest day of the year, all sorts of couplings occur. This is one of the newest films on our list, having come out in 2010.

  9. "Two for the Bed." As the title suggests, two in bed is always better than one. This film manages to pull off both romance and thriller genres at the same time.

  10. "Madame Bamboo." This is the best Chinese love movie set in a brothel. It rounds out our list of the best Chinese love movies.