The best Chinese horror movies are not as popular as other Asian films from Japan and Korea, but there are still a number of entertaining movies in the genre. The horror films of China lean more towards psychological afflictions and less on the ghost stories of its Asian brethren, but they remain disturbing nonetheless.

  1. “The Eye 10” – “The Eye 10” is the third movie in “The Eye” series and moves the movie into a more humorous tone, remaining one of the best Chinese horror movies of all time. A group of friends who attempt to contact the dead find themselves haunted by the ghostly spirits they awakened.

  2. “The Eye” – The Pan brothers directs this supernatural film, one of the best Chinese horror movies. The movie shows a woman who has a retina transplant and begins to see ghostly apparitions following the procedure. The movie spawned a horrible American remake but the original remains a very scary horror movie.

  3. “Blood: The Last Vampire” – This remake of a popular anime film is one of the more current best Chinese horror movies. The film presents a girl who is half-human and half-vampire and hunts pure vampires with the hopes of destroying the most powerful vampire in the world.

  4. “Ab-normal Beauty” – Oxide Pang directs this Chinese horror movie about a woman obsessed with snapping pictures of people at the moment of their deaths. The movie is an uneasy meditation on death and the people who are afraid to face it. The last third of the movie makes it one of the best Chinese horror movies ever made.

  5. “Re-Cycle” – This CGI heavy movie is directed by the Pang brothers and remains one of the most entertaining and best Chinese horror movies in the genre. A novelist is transported to another dimension where everything is a horrific version of the real world.

  6. “Three… Extremes” – “Three Extremes” is an Asian horror anthology movie, “Dumplings” being the Chinese addition to the set and one of the best Chinese horror movies. Fruit Chan directs this movie about the extreme measures people go through to maintain their beauty.

  7. “The Eye 2” – The second movie in “The Eye” series, this deals with the Chinese urban legend that a pregnant woman who attempts suicide will have their baby possessed be the spirit of another women. The woman in this case is the dead wife of her lover, and the movie remains a hard watch with the unborn baby the focus of the demonic possession.

  8. “Diary” – This horror movie deals with schizophrenia and is one of the best Chinese horror movies. Oxide Pang directs the movie about a woman obsessed with another individual and remains a dark, disturbing horror movie. The movie is a slow burn but makes it worth it by the chilling end.

  9. “Ebola Syndrome”– This horror exploitation movie is one of the strangest of the best Chinese horror movies. A wanted man escapes China to South Africa after murdering to people. While in South Africa, he comes across a tribe and rapes a woman who is infected with the Ebola virus. The convict becomes a carrier and spreads the disease all over Africa and later, China.

  10. “Song at Midnight” – The oldest movie on the list, “Songs at Midnight” remains one of the best Chinese horror movies and one of the earliest Chinese efforts in the genre. A remake of “The Phantom of the Opera,” this movie adds a lot of political intrigue into the story of a haunted opera singer.



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