10 Best Chinese Ghost Movies

Friday, March 11 by Sylvia Tsang

If you are a ghost movie junkie, then you have to watch the 10 best Chinese ghost movies. These movies aren’t your typical thrillers. They come with impressive storylines. This list will give you details on the best Chinese ghost movies.

  1. "Till Death Do We Scare". Irene Leen is the woman of every man’s dream. However, 72 fortune tellers have concluded that it is her destiny to be a widow. After Irene’s three dead husbands have discovered that the hell host has made a mistake, they set her up with Bruce, a funny radio personality for love.  
  2. "Esprit D’Amour". Insurance investigator Ming must confirm that Siu Yu’s death is accidental, so that Ming’s boss doesn’t have to compensate the death. Throughout the investigation, Ming falls in love with the ghost of Siu Yu. Ming’s fiancé, Ivy, is furious, and hires a spirit guru to send Siu Yu back to the ghost world.
  3. "A Chinese Ghost Story". Ning Caichen is on his way to collect taxes in a small village. While spending the night at the haunted Lan Ro temple, two things happen to him. First, a Taoist swordsman foresees trouble in Ning’s future. Second, Ning falls in love with Nie Xiaoqian, a beautiful ghost who sucks spirits using her long tongue.  
  4. "Happy Ghost". Bonnie, Juliet, and Venus ar high school buddies. Bonnie picks up a piece of ancient rope on their camping trip. She soon finds out that the friendly scholar ghost named Stewart Pi hung himself with it. All of them become friends, and the girls are inspired by Pik to achieve all their goals in the end.
  5. "Happy Ghost 5". Kathy, who is the girlfriend of the banker named Jack, goes out of town frequently. He promises Kathy to take care of her dog named Magic. Due to Jack’s failure to feed Magic, Magic must look for food on the streets. Passing by a temple, Magic happens to save the Happy Buddha from a fire. Happy Buddha grants Magic to live as a human for three months. In the end, Magic loses his life to protect Kathy from a gun shot during a bank robbery.
  6. "The Gambling Ghost". Fatty Big Brock is very sick of being a hotel worker. He and his coworkers start gambling and hope to hit it big. After hitting the jackpot, Fatty spends it all. Luckily, he is saved by his grandfather’s spirit. Upon learning of how his grandfather is killed, Fatty goes on a murderer’s rampage for revenge.
  7. "Till Death Do Us Laugh". A group of people share three spooky stories. The first story is about an accountant who is able to see the spirit of his dead boss’ characteristics in his new boss. The second one is about a medical student who falls for a gorgeous lady ghost who kills young folks. The last story is about a roving ghost who takes over a gorgeous model’s life.    
  8. "Picture of a Nymph". Scholar Tsui Hung-Chuen makes a portrait for the pretty ghost named Mo Chiu. The portrait serves as shelter for Chiu from the evil King Ghost’s attacks. To assure Chiu’s safety, Hung-Chuen and two other good warriors kill the evil in the end. 
  9. "Fantasy Romance". A struggling cartoonist named Shing falls madly in love with a charming ghost named Ching-Ching. One day, things start to turn around for Shing, but his ghostly love has disappeared. Shing must go on a journey to try to bring her back into his life.
  10. "Sister Cupid". Kit runs into a beautiful ghost named Yuk while riding his motorcycle. They fall in love and get married. No one else can see Yuk except Kit. Kit’s live-in ex-girlfriend, Jenny, tries to tear this ghostly union apart.
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