Turn yourself on with the 10 best Chinese erotic movies. There’s a certain sensuality about Chinese ladies, and the ones in these films will definitely get your attention. Take a peek at the softcore action when they get it on with both men and women.

“Yu Pui Tsuen.” This erotic movie is an interpretation of “The Carnal Payer Mat,” a classic of Chinese erotica literature. Vesperus, the main character, wants to be the world’s best poet and marry someone beautiful.

“Sex and Zen.” This movie was actually a hit with the North American audience as well as in Hong Kong. It involved the main character replacing his own penis with that of a horse, more than three times a typical human size.

“Sex and Zen II.” Don’t be mistaken because this film isn’t anything like the first. The only similarity is the amount of sexuality. Watch what happens when a powerful man marries his own daughter-in-law.

“Saving Face.” A Chinese lesbian and her conservative mother lead atypical lives. When the mother is banished from the family for becoming pregnant after being widowed, the two work together to find someone for her mother to marry.

“Bloody Parrot.” The two main characters of this horror-thriller are a swordsman and a prostitute. Throughout most of the movie, the prostitute is near naked or entirely naked in various sexy scenes.

“The Scandalous Warlord.” This was one of the first movies that made softcore pornography acceptable with the Chinese audience. The title says it all when it comes to this sexual comedy regarding warlords and their prostitutes.

“Emotional Girl.” Various relationships are the center of this story. Ivy seduces her friend’s father and then gets bored of him. She then searches for another man to satisfy her craving for sex.

“Forbidden Wet Tales.” In this erotic thriller, a woman finds someone dead in a hotel bathtub after what she thought would be a typical one-night stand. The stranger she made love to admits that he killed that person to achieve an intense orgasm.

“My Wife’s Lover.” A husband and wife aren’t content with their marriage and make the decision to take other partners. A sexual fire is ignited when they choose the same person.

“Slave of the Sword.” The sexual tension in this movie is between Cheung Wu-Nien, a dancer, and Yun, a swordsman and assassin. Lesbian sex and incest are involved in this Chinese erotic movie.

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