If you're interested in Asian cinema, then check out the 10 best 2008 Chinese movies. With a list ranging from action to drama to sports and history, there's something for everyone. Read on to learn more about the best Chinese movies of 2008. 

  1. "Slam." This family sports film is the story of three young boys who are up against their ultimate rivals in a three-on-three basketball tournament. It was recognized as one of the best Chinese movies of 2008 by the WorldFest Houston, where it received the Gold Award for Best Film.

  2. "Red Cliff." This action adventure movie, the first of a two-part series directed by John Woo, is about a battle fought in China in the early days of civilization. It was nominated for several Asian Film Awards, including Best Actor and Best Director, along with numerous other accolades. 

  3. "Under the Sun in the Town." In this understated Chinese drama, a man is led to reconsider his station in life after a series of strange events. This best Chinese film of 2008 is the first feature written and directed by Ghozhi Zang.

  4. "An American in China." This best Chinese movie of 2008 is the story of an American college graduate whose life is changed dramatically by a woman he meets in China. American Broadway actor James Snyder stars in the film.

  5. "Forever Enthralled." This film is a biography about the life of Mei Lanfang, China's greatest opera star. It was recognized as one of the best Chinese films of 2008 by the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the Asian Film Awards.

  6. "24 City." This best Chinese movie of 2008 is a character-driven drama about a Chinese factory city that is converted into luxury apartments. It was nominated for several Asian Film Awards, as well as the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

  7. "Purple Mountain." This historical documentary centers on personal stories from the Japanese occupation of Eastern China during the 1930s. The movie is based on Iris Chang's novel "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II."

  8. "Kung Fu Dunk." Another family sports movie, this one tells the tale of a Chinese basketball star. If you liked "Shaolin Soccer," then "Kung Fu Dunk" is for you.

  9. "Connected." This Chinese action movie takes place in the aftermath of a young woman's kidnapping. One of the best Chinese films of 2008, it was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award.

  10. "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon." This action adventure is the story of a common man who becomes a  hero during his country's civil war. It was named a Film of Merit by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.