Well-done English adventure movie lists include ones that have stood the test of time as well as some new ones. And while Brits are known for their classy accents, fish and chips and tea, they don't always come to mind when thinking of terrific adventure movies, but they should--they've made and continue to make some memorable adventures.

  1. "From Russia With Love." When the Bond franchise went looking for a stiff-upper-lip-spy-type, the smartest man in the room was a woman. After spotting the exotic Sean Connery in Disney's "Darby O'Gill and the Little People," the director's wife whispered to her husband, "There's your Bond." Smart woman. And for guys who want to get the girl? Take lessons from scenes of Bond flirting with Miss Money Penny. Oh, the sexual tension that man leaves in a room. This is a favorite among English adventure movies.

  2. "Dr. No." Luscious landscapes, lovely women, long-lasting action. The first of the 007 series set the successful formula for this popular English adventure movie franchise in 1963 and is still a Bond favorite. Dr. No introduced a line of hot, unforgettable Bond women with names to match. When Bond asked her named, sultry Ursula Andress replied, "Honey.... Honey Ryder."

  3. "Repo Men." This 2010 English adventure movie features Jude Law. In a future where artificial organs can be bought on time, a man who is having trouble making payments on his artificial heart must go on the run to prevent his new ticker from being repossessed. Forest Whitaker and Alice Braga also star in this futuristic adventure.

  4. "V is for Vendetta." Natalie Portman and Stephen Rhea star in this English action adventure movie about a fighter known as "V" resorting to terrorist tactics against his government. In this totalitarian society, anyone suspected of treason against the government can be picked up and harassed by the government's secret police.

  5. "50 Dead Men Walking." In this shocking, real-life story, a young man from Belfast is recruited by the British police to spy on the IRA, Irish Republican Army. Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturges star in this true English adventure movie about the life of Martin McGartland.

  6. "Children of Men." In this futuristic English adventure movie set in 2027, humans can no longer procreate. Clive Owen stars as Theo Faron, a former activist who agrees to transport a pregnant woman to safety, to possibly save mankind. Loosely based on P.D. James' 1992 novel of the same name, it also stars Jullianne Moore and Michael Caine.

            - Rose Smith