Wondering what the 5 best Englis fighting movies are? Here is a list that will get your adrenaline racing. These movies are not only good English fighting movies but they are very entertaining movies. The plot lines will have you enjoying all the different plot turns and the storyline will get you wrapped up into it.

  1. "Green Street Hooligans." Football is synonymous to English culture. This movie will bring you into the underground culture of football firms. Elijah Wood gives a great performance as he plays an American boy who develops a love for West Ham United and gets pulled into their firm. The fight scenes are full on and intense.

  2. "Snatch." "Snatch" is a Guy Ritchie movie about the English organized crime scene. It is a movie full of great camera work and an amazing storyline. There are a set of very entertaining boxing scenes that will have you intrigued.

  3. "Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels." This is another Guy Ritchie movie that delves into the underground of English organized crime society. The bar scenes will have you wondering how the brawls will end.

  4. "This is England." This is a great movie that looks into the skinhead subculture of England. It is a violent English fighting movie that will keep your adrenaline levels high and sitting on the edge of your seat.

  5. "A Clock Work Orange." This Stanley Kubrick adaptation of the Anthony Burgess book is a notable English fighting movie. This is a very graphic movie that will have their audiences wincing at times. It is a must watch especially if you are a fan of the novel.