Although England has not been quite as famous as Hollywood in producing blockbuster films, at least not in the popular imagination, the 10 most famous English movies have made a substantial impact on the film industry, including and especially Hollywood.  If you want to get a taste of the most famous English movies, then be sure to check out any of the following films.

  1. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" This film, from the most famous group of funnymen in comedy, is not only one of the most famous English films, but also one of the funniest.  With its mix of absurdity and quirky British humor, you're guaranteed to be on the floor with laughter after watching this famous English movie.

  2. "The Madness of King George" If historical drama is more to your liking, then this film will certainly fit the bill.  Depicting the unfortunate madness of England’s King George III, this film manages to be both entertaining and emotional.  This very famous and popular English film is definitely a must for anyone who is interested in English history.

  3. "Anne of the Thousand Days" This film also falls into the historical drama category, and tells the story of Anne Boleyn, the ill-fated queen who met her death at the hands of Henry VIII.  With its excellent casting and engaging storyline, this English film is sure to please if you like to watch the past come to life on the screen.

  4. "The Crying Game" This emotionally moving film tells the story of an Irish member of the IRA and his love affair with a transsexual.  With its splendid mix of psychological drama and unexpected romance (with one of the most famous revealing scenes in the history of the cinema), this well deserves its place among the most famous English movies.

  5. "Billy Elliot" This stirring famous English film tells the story of the son of a miner, who wishes for nothing more than to become a professional dancer.  With its emotionally satisfying ending, and the excellent casting (Julie Walters, famous for the “Harry Potter” films, has a starring role), this is a very famous English picture that was later adapted into a popular musical by Sir Elton John.

  6. "The Last King of Scotland" If you like your English movies bloody and terrifying, then look no further than this film. "The Last King of Scotland"depicts the tyrannical regime of dictator Idi Amin, from the viewpoint of his fictional Scottish doctor.  Be aware, however, that this film is not at all for the faint of heart.

  7. "Elizabeth" This splendid and resounding historical drama, featuring the wonderful acting talent of Cate Blanchett, tells the story of the early part of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign.  With its mixture of powerful emotions, convoluted political twists, and gritty realism (although not historical accuracy), this is one famous English movie that should not be missed.

  8. "Goldfinger" If you’ve heard of just one famous English movie, this would probably be it. It's one of the most successful installments of the ever-popular James Bond franchise.  With the powerful presence of Sean Connery in the lead, it’s small wonder that this has gone down as one of the most famous English movies.

  9. "Lawrence of Arabia" This sprawling historical English epic movie, which tells the story of the famous Lawrence of Arabia, has Peter O’Toole in the starring role.  If you like your films truly epic, look no further than this film. "Lawrence of Arabia" spans several years in the telling of its exciting story.

  10. "Sense and Sensibility" This splendid adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen, directed by the capable Ang Lee, features a number of the most successful and famous British actors and actresses. The list includes Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet, and Hugh Grant.  This is one classic romance that everyone should watch.