The 10 best old British movies range from comedies to drama and they all have collaborative efforts from directors, actors, and cinematographers that weld together for exceptional film in the industry.

  1. "Lawrence of Arabia" In 1962, audiences hadn't seen a film with this much scale. "Lawrence of Arabia" takes place during a World War I campaign in which the lead character tries to convince the Arabs to join the British forces. What's spectacular about this film is its beauty and impeccable sense of style.

  2. "39 Steps" Hitchcock gave audiences surprising "mental shake-ups" in one of his best films made, "39 Steps." Of course, in his usual style, it is packed with suspense and dark crimes. However, the subtle sexual chemistry between the two characters adds a bit of spice.

  3. "Brighton Rock" In 1947, British street crime was mostly based upon gangs of slashers. This film pulls focus onto one of those gangs' leaders. It brought to light a lot of deep-seeded issues in polite British society.

  4. "Henry V" During World War II, "Henry V" was made in order to boost moral of the British soldier fighting in the war. It portrays Henry defeating outside armies trying to conquer his empire. At the same time, maintained humor and a deep sense of passion.

  5. "The Servant" This film portrays an exceptional transformation of characters. When a wealthy young man becomes overturned by his servant and sister. Watching an intense, sometimes erotic, power struggle makes for a very interesting film.

  6. "A Matter of Life and Death" In 1946, the world was still freshly wounded from the battles fought in World War II. "A Matter of Life and Death" explores what happens if heaven makes a mistake with a soldiers life. He must choose between Heaven or staying on Earth with the woman that he falls in love with.

  7. "The Crying Game" A surprise ending has never been as surprising as in "The Crying Game." The story of an IRA officer who gets involved in some interesting points in London. The twist in this film has been mocked, even to this day.

  8. "Gandhi" This biographic film follows the adult life of Mohandas Gandhi and how he came to be a world leader in peace. It quickly caught the attention of critics. And it swept the Oscars in 1982.

  9. "Alfie" This film follows around the one-and-only Alfie. A man out to chase as many girls as possible. Like a tour guide throughout the British lifestyle, Alfie talks straight into the camera giving the audience a much deeper sense of his clever intimacy.

  10. "The Italian Job" In 1969 no one had ever witnessed a car chase like that of the mini coopers in "The Italian Job." The clever criminal film has been re-imitated over and over again since. This classic British film was well received by audiences world wide.