The 10 best English films of 1993 include a few gems, as well as some movies that may be new to you. Some are period pieces, of course. But there is more variety than you might expect. 

  1. "In the Name of the Father" - There's nothing quite as emotional as a story about the IRA. This English film was based upon the Guildford Four, four people falsely accused of an IRA bombing. It starred Daniel Day-Lewis.

  2. "Much Ado About Nothing" - Kenneth Branagh directed this Shakespeare classic, is an English film which he starred in along with Emma Thompson. This literary drama was also entered into the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

  3. "Naked" Mike Leigh is arguably the best English film director working today. This particular 1993 movie focuses on English middle-class life.

  4. "The Remains of the Day" - Merchant Ivory created some of the best English period films, and this 1993 movie was one of their best. It paired Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. These two are like British acting royalty.

  5. "Shadowlands" - Anthony Hopkins starred as C.S. Lewis in this English biography. It also showed Lewis' romantic side, which is not often revealed through his many famous books.

  6. "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" - This stop-action animated film is based upon a fairy tale. But this 1993 English film also plays a little fast and loose with the original story. In this story, poor Tom Thumb finds himself in an experimental laboratory.

  7. "Splitting Heirs" - Some of the funniest people, on both sides of the Atlantic, are in this film. English funny men, Eric Idle and John Cleese, as well as American Rick Moranis, star. But the story is quite English, as this 1993 movie is based around an aristocratic family of the Dukes of Bournemouth.

  8. "Once Upon a Forest" - You might think a Hanna-Barbera film made in England would be The Flintstones-meets-the BBC. But this animated 1993 movie is voiced by Michael Crawford (among others). It's a sweet story, too.

  9. "Map of the Human Heart" - This 1993 English movie takes place before and during World War II. It's also all about a Canadian Inuit boy. This boy goes on to join the Royal Canadian Air Force.

  10. "Raining Stones" - This 1993 English movie looks into the big choices of small lives. A poor father is forced to raise money to buy his daughter's First Communion dress. This story focuses on his choices.