You may be wondering if the 10 best English movies 2009 is referring to the language that the movie was made in or where it was made. This list addresses those films shot in Britain.

  1. "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince" This movie leads up to the final two movies, one of which had a 2010 release and the other which has a 2011 release. The movie continues to follow Harry, Hermoine, and their other friends as they continue to fight darker forces. This film is the darkest yet. Still, it was popular enough with older kids to earn a spot on the best English movies 2009 list.

  2. "Fish Tank" This movie had a twist, in that it was a coming-of-age movie that involved a female character rather than a male character. That in itself is enough to give it a best English movies 2009 nod. “Mia”, the main character, lives a hard life in Essex, where most people live at poverty level, and the movie explores her life and how it affects her as she grows up.

  3. "Dorian Gray" The classic story of the man who never ages because of a carelessly tossed-off desire to never age beyond that of his likeness in a portrait. This classic story was revisited in this film, one of the best English movies 2009. It can still be as edgy and terrifying as the older versions.

  4. "Bunnie and The Bull" This is probably not a movie for those who suffer claustrophobia, as the main character suffers from agoraphobia (fear of crowds). When the loss of his stored food forces him to consider going outside, he has to work through the terrors that made him house-bound in the first place.

  5. "Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel" A visit to a pub bathroom sends three ordinary men back and forth through time. This entry has the three men trying to avoid their past selves while trying to save their future lives.

  6. "Moon" This is another “crossover” movie, which focuses on people who live on moon bases so that they can mine Helium 3, a gas which can solve all of Earth’s energy crises. Shortly before the lead character is set to return to Earth, he begins to experience mental problems, only to find out that he is not crazy, but rather part of a sinister plot that his own company is involved in.

  7. "My Last Five Girlfriends" The title alone is enough to earn this movie a spot in the best English movies 2009 category. It deals with an unlucky-in-love man who has strived over the past two years to make himself into the perfect boyfriend, with no success.

  8. "The Damned United" If you like to watch British “football” (we call it soccer in America) you may enjoy this movie, especially as it parallels many American football stories. This one has a coach who takes over a winning team and immediately tries to totally remake the team, simply because he didn’t like the former manager. 

  9. "State of Play" This is a movie that was made from a BBC TV series. For the purpose of the film, some plot tweaking was done, changing the big oil company to a private security company. The play and movie won many awards in Britain. 

  10. "In The Loop" This film deals with the United States and Britain heads of state wanting a war, but neither can find enough people to agree with them. When the announcement is made that a war probably won’t happen, that decision alone almost causes the very thing they had wanted.