The English have a reputation for being a bit stiff, but after checking out the best English hot movies, we may have to reassess that stereotype. Perhaps they're just stiff in all the right ways? Here are ten hot English movies worth checking out. 

  1. “Tank Girl” is a B-movie based on the British comic. It stars Lori Petty as Tank Girl and has all the things we love: sex, violence and cursing. The film is a combination of live action, animation and some song and dance sets. This hot English movie is for the connoisseur of B-movies

  2. “The Vampire Lovers” is an English Hammer Horror film directed by Roy Ward Baker. It stars Ingrid Pitt as the sultry, but deadly Marcilla. The movie poster of the time states that the movie is “not for the mentally immature.” The movie explicitly explores lesbian ideas and was considered cutting edge.

  3. “Eyes Wide Shut” is a hot English movie and was the last film Stanley Kubrick directed. The movie is based on a 1926 novella by Arthur Schnitzler. The couple in the story have reached a sexual dead end, but seek to re-ignite their relationship through immersing themselves in a sexual adventure. Ultimately, they find themselves in the middle of a massive orgy thrown by some secret society sex cult.

  4. “Nine Songs” was directed by Michael Winterbottom and is a very hot English movie. It follows the story of Matt, a British climatologist, and his affair with an American exchange student named Lisa. It’s very controversial because of the un-simulated sex scenes. The Guardian, called it “the most sexually explicit mainstream film to date.”

  5. “Control” is a biographical film shot in black and white, tracing the life of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. It stars Sam Riley, Alexandra Maria Lara and Samantha Morton. This hot English movie won several awards at the Cannes Film Festival and a total of five awards from the British Independent Film Awards. The movie follows the rise of Joy Division, Ian’s extramarital affairs and his struggle with epilepsy.

  6. “Naked” is a film directed by Mike Leigh and starred David Thewlis as Johnny. Johnny has some serious anger management issues and is on the edge of being downright sadistic. This hot English movie won a grip of awards including Best International Film, Best Director and Best Actor from Cannes to the New York Film Critics Circle.

  7. “Pervirella” is directed by Anthony Chandon and Josh Collins. The land of Condon is ruled by a crazed queen. The sexually liberated and intellectuals are hunted and murdered, so they form an underground cult called the Cult of Perv. Pervirella has a sex demon in her that is controlled by a magical necklace she wears. She becomes a raging nympho whenever that necklace is removed.

  8. “Performance” takes place in a dark, psychedelic London underworld of gangsters and rockstars. Mick Jagger stars as a retired popstar that descends into the realms of sex and drugs. James Fox plays the gangster that’s hiding out at Jagger’s house and gets sucked into the whole scene.    

  9. “The Hunger” is a horror flick directed by Tony Scott. It stars Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie in a vampire love triangle. Miriam (Deneuve) is an immortal vampire that promises her lovers immortality. What that really means is an eternity living on the edge of death trapped in coffins after they age.

  10. “Scandal” is based on the 1963 British government sex scandal known as the Profumo Affair. The movie is directed by Michael Caton-Jones. This movie contains the traditional elements of sex and politics, young showgirls and high ranking cabinet officials. Yum.