10 Best British Movies 2007

Saturday, March 19 by Dan MacIntosh

The 10 best British movies of 2007 assert that Hollywood, CA is not the only place where excellent cinema is being produced. Let's have a look at a few of the finer British films released in 2007.

  1. "This Is England" – This is a scary story about the sway of skinheads during tough economic times. It'l break your heart to see what happens when a 12-year old boy joins one of these gangs. It is a particularly British film, although we all know racism is a universal evil.
  2. "Sleuth"– This film stars Michael Caine and Jude Law. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh, and was based on Harold Pinter's screenplay. It's also a British mystery film, as only the Britsh can make.
  3. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" - This is the fifth Harry Potter film in the franchise. In this one, Harry Potter, along with his cousin Dudly Dursley, is confronted by Dementors.
  4. "I Want Candy" – This British comedy tells the story of a movie gone all wrong. When a group of film students try to make a feature film, they end up having to rewrite it into a porno.
  5. "Hot Fuzz" – This film was created by the same folks that brought us "Shaun of the Dead". This is all about British police work. Only in this case, it's looked at from a very silly perspective.
  6. "Control" – The group Joy Division didn't have much commercial success outside of England. But this band had a big influence on many other groups. This film tells the story of the singer, Ian Curtis, who committed suicide before the act could ever make it big.
  7. "Becoming Jane" - There were/are few more British authors than Jane Austin. In this film, the writer's early life is portrayed. It explains just how Jane became the Jane we know and love — through her work — today.
  8. "Atonement" – This moving story was nominated for many awards, including the nomination for best picture at the Oscars. It stars Keira Knightly, and includes a significant role by Vanessa Redgrave.
  9. "28 Weeks Later" – Do you like zombie films? If so, you'll likely enjoy "28 Weeks Later". This one is a sequel to "28 Days Later". The living dead live on, especially through film.
  10. "Dangerous Parking" – This is the story of an indie film director with a drug and alcohol problem? But wait. Isn't that the story of every Hollywood type? Well, not exactly. Nevertheless, this is a fine movie.
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