Thanks to the groundbreaking work of Terence Fisher and the incredible performances of Christopher Lee, there are plenty of choices for the 10 best British horror movies. Britain has some classic and terrifying horror movies, including the originals of modern favorites like "Dracula" and "Frankenstein."

  1. "The Mummy" (1959), Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Director: Terence Fisher This British horror movie revolves around three archeologists from Britain who travel to Egypt and find an Egyptian princess. The archeologists unintentionally reanimate a high priest who had been in love with the princess. Their accident goes unpunished until the tomb is reopened years later and the mummy seeks revenge on the British archeologists.

  2. "The Descent" (2005), Starring: MyAnna Buring, Nora Noone, Shauna McDonald, Director: Neil Marshall Three female explorers get trapped during a caving expedition. The women are chased by a terrifying predator who threatens their survival. They must defeat the predator in the terrifying cave environment, but their distrust of each other threatens to be their undoing.

  3. "Dog Soldiers" (2002), Starring: Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee, Emma Cleasby, Director: Neil Marshall The second film by Neil Marshall to make it into the top British horror movies, "Dog Soldiers" is a penetrating story about a troop of British soldiers serving in the wilds of Scotland. They soon realize that their turf has been previously claimed by werewolves and it doesn’t help that there is a full moon on their first night.

  4. "The Abominable Snowman" (1957), Starring: Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker, Director: Val Guest A scientific thriller centering around a scientist from America and a botanist from Britain who head to the Himalayas to try and find conclusive evidence of the Yeti. The expedition gets into trouble when the researchers go from the hunters to the huntees.

  5. "28 Days Later" (2002), Starring: Cillian Murphy, Director: Danny Boyle Cillian Murphy plays a courier who is injured when a car knocks him off his bike. He goes into a coma and when he finally wakes up he finds the world unrecognizable. His hometown of London has emptied of people. And it’s not just London; it seems the whole world is void of people. A plague has infested the world, turning everyone who comes into contact with it into blood-thirsty zombies. It seems to be only a matter of time before Murphy’s character is infested, too.

  6. "The Curse of Frankenstein" (1957), Starring: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Director: Terence Fisher The all-time classic of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Victor Hugo’s novel is brought to life by the amazing Christopher Lee who is the epitome of a mad scientist.

  7. "The Haunting" (1963), Starring: Claire Bloom, Julie Harris, and Richard Johnson, Director: Robert Wise. The classic ‘haunted house’ story, Hill House has a history of human suffering, including suicide, heartache and unusual accidents. A psychic and a doctor take a group of people whose lives have been touched by the house back to the house to investigate it.

  8. "Don’t Look Now" (1973), Starring: Julie Christie, Hilary Mason and Donald Sutherland, Director: Nicholas Roeg The story of a couple who have recently lost their daughter. They decide to move to Venice. Their new surroundings challenge their grip on reality.

  9. "The Wicker Man" (1973), Starring: Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento and Edward Woodward, Director: Robin Hardy A young girl goes missing on an island and a police sergeant investigates. The place and its inhabitants become creepier and creepier as the film progresses.

  10. "Dracula" (1958), Starring: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Director: Terence Fisher Fisher’s earlier film, "Frankenstein," was such a hit that he chose the same cast and another classic novel for his next film. The original vampire horror film.