What would be your 10 best British horror movie choices? With the new wave of English horror films from this decade, plus the country's great tradition of spooky movies, there are a ton to choose from. These are our picks for the 10 best in British horror:

  1. "Wicker Man" It's a shame that Nicolas Cage inadvertently turned the remake into a comedy, because the original "Wicker Man" is a seriously scary film.

  2. "Lair of the White Worm" Ken Russel adapts this lesser-known Bram Stoker story into a trippy, spooky and decidedly British horror film.

  3. "28 Days Later" This British horror movie kicked off the zombie movie renaissance, and made the monsters quick and deadly for a frightening new twist.

  4. "The Disappeared Ghosts" plague a British teen after he gets out of a psychiatric ward. This British horror movie relies far more on character than on shock or gore, and is one of the most effectively scary movies of the decade.

  5. "Dog Soldiers" In this British werewolf movie, characters' secrecy causes as much danger as the wolves waiting right outside.

  6. "Paperhouse" A sick young girl dreams not only about the things that she draws. Her dreams begin to intersect with real people and places, until she comes dangerously close to forgetting which is which.

  7. "Brides of Dracula" The old Hammer Films still stand up as some of the best British horror movies ever made. The vampires are more lusty, deceitful and emotionally complex in this "Dracula" sequel, making it just as good as the first Hammer Dracula film.

  8. "The Company of Wolves" In this surreal British horror movie, the wolf stands in for sins ranging from lust to infidelity to rape.

  9. "Shaun of the Dead" No British horror movie list would be complete without the masterful horror-comedy "Shaun of the Dead." "Shaun" forgoes the trendy fast zombies in favor of shambling Romero-style beasts, but is no less scary for it.

  10. "The Haunting" Skip the cheesy remake; the original is stylish, moody and still frightening after all these years. Psychic investigators show up to reveal whether Hill House is haunted, and wind up becoming more than just observers in the events that follow.