Dry British humor has produced some of the funniest comedy movies ever made as seen in these 10 best British comedy movies ever. One can only surmise that this sense of humor comes from their loss of the empire they once had which wrapped the globe or their sense of irony about how terrible the weather consistently is on their island kingdom. Regardless of the reason, if you love comedy, then these top ten British comedies are must-sees.

  1. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail": The Monty Python crew does their bizarre interpretation of medieval times and medieval films, with their own zany British sense of humor. Don't worry so much about plot in this film, but more about each individual scene and the ridiculous characters.

  2. "Monty Python's the Meaning of Life": Another classic from the Monty Python crew has even less story than the aforementioned Holy Grail, but it really doesn't matter, as these skits barely sew together but actually help us to make a little more sense about the world around us. Sort of.

  3. "The Pink Panther": Peter Sellers may be the greatest comedic British actor to ever live and the first Pink Panther film was what truly solidified him as a comic genius.

  4. "The Return of the Pink Panther": See above. Sellers continued Inspector Clouseau's slapstick shenanigans as well as he did in the first film.

  5. "Dr. Strangelove": Kubrick's only real foray into comedy tapped Sellers' genius in this darkly hilarious take on nuclear war.

  6. "Monty Python's The Life of Brian": The best of the best from Monty Python is the brilliant British Comedy troupe's take on religion and, well, the story of Jesus Christ. It is offensive, dry and incredibly hilarious.

  7. "Shaun of the Dead": The new British comedic filmmaker Edgar Wright works with Pegg and Frost in this hilarious British comedy version of a zombie film, mocking the entire zombie genre.

  8. "Hot Fuzz": Wright, Pegg and Frost's next film mocks the entire action genre in "Hot Fuzz," which is hilarious in both storytelling and hyperactive editing (a la most action films).

  9. "The Full Monty": Critically acclaimed, "The Full Monty" was the first British comedies to be considered one of the best films of the year, perhaps for its emotionally uplifting characters and message.

  10. "Four Lions": Who would do a comedy about Jihadist suicide bombers fumbling their attempt to kill innocent people? Smart, edgy British filmmakers, that's who.