Get lost in tales from mutant sheep to taut thrillers with the 10 best British B movies. Sometimes known as “quota quickies,” the life of the British B movies got their start in the 1930s as fillers that were shown before the big budget Hollywood releases. They also provided a nice tax incentive for the British investors that backed their production. Through the years the ten best British B movies took on lives of their own and, like their American counterparts, the ten best British B movies have given their writers and directors the opportunity to explore subjects that may be too taboo for mainstream cinema.

  1. “Can You Keep it Up for a Week” (1975)- Perhaps the most famous sex comedies to come out of the UK in the 70s; directed by Jim Atkinson, this one of ten best British B movies. It is the story of a n'er do well who is irresistible to women.

  2. “Naked as Nature Intended” (1961)- Just like American B movies, the ten best British B movies are always looking for a reason to show  a little skin. What makes this one of the ten best British B movies is that its entire plot is based  on getting naked and the joys of being a nudist.

  3. “Wide Boy” (1952)- In the spirit of its more high brow brethren, this, one of the ten best British B movies, is a taut thriller that revolves around petty criminals, chance encounters and blackmail.

  4. “The Big Day” (1960)- This, one of the ten Best British B movies, features a lot of familiar faces from British tele, including Donald Pleasence in the lead role as a one of three friends competing for a position at their company. What makes this stand out as one of the ten best British B movies is the frank way it deals with sex and office politics.

  5. “To the Public Danger” (1948)- While it may seem tame by today’s standards, this was one of the raciest things on the screen with it was originally released. A chance meeting at a pub causes four strangers to indulge in a booze soaked, thrill seeking binge.

  6. “Black Sheep” (2006)- Set in New Zealand, this ten best British B movies is part horror, part comedy and all fun. It’s filled with zombie killer sheep and more blood and guts than you can shake a stick at.

  7. “The Criminal” (1960)- Starring Joseph Losey after he was blacklisted from Hollywood, it’s a killer little thriller about a gangster who robs a race track and hides the loot just before getting caught. The only problem is that he didn’t tell his crew where he hid the loot and his crew will stop at nothing to find the missing dough.

  8. “Suspended Alibi” (1957)- One of many film noirs to make our list of the ten best British B movies, in this film, to get some face time with his girlfriend, a married man tells his wife he is going to spend the weekend with a friend, but when his friend turns up dead, he finds he has bigger problems than getting a little on the side.

  9. “Truly Madly Cheaply” (2008)- If you want to know everything there is to know about British B movies and the  studios that made them, then you need to see this ten best British B movies.

  10. “The Malpas Mystery” (1960)- One of the most prolific writers and directors of British B movies, it was difficult to pick just one Edgar Wallace film to make the list of the ten best British B movies. But this tale of a woman involved in a jewel heist and kidnapping is the cream of the crop.