The top 10 anime villains were complicated individuals. Many of them had good intentions, but fell short in practicing ethical planning, while others were simply demented beyond excuse.

  1. Light—“Death Note” At the beginning of “Death Note,” Light is an honors student. By the ending of “Death Note,” Light is a mass murderer. What exactly went wrong with this guy? He found a Death Note—a journal that grants its owner deadly powers. With this book in hand, Light went on a self-righteous crusade to cleanse the world of criminals. Very noble. Unfortunately, he went far beyond his mission statement, landing himself on this list of anime villains.

  2. Aizen—“Bleach” Aizen was once a respected Captain in Soul Society, but he eventually revealed wicked intentions. In addition to possessing overwhelming power, this villain was a master of illusions and manipulation. However, he always had time for a refreshing cup of tea with his minions.

  3. Shishio—“Rurouni Kenshin” At a glance, Shishio resembles an Egyptian mummy. His multitude of bandages concealed burnt flesh—a result of the Meiji government’s attempts to cut him out of the picture. Shishio returned for revenge, wielding a flaming sword and harboring a terroristic plot.

  4. Legato—“Trigun” Legato served under Knives, the main antagonist of Trigun. While this blue haired villain was, on some level, a minion, he was still a powerful contender. Legato used telekinetic powers to crush his foes without dirtying his nifty white coat.

  5. Father Anderson—“Hellsing” Anderson was a religious fanatic (Spanish Inquisition-level religious fanatic) with superhuman powers. His mission was to aid the Iscariot Organization and take down Alucard, the vicious protagonist of the “Hellsing” series. On a lighter note, this anime villain worked at an orphanage near Vatican City.  

  6. Frieza—“Dragon Ball Z” While many of the main characters in “Dragon Ball Z” surpassed Frieza’s power level later in the series, he was an all-powerful anime villain during the Namek Saga. In his final form, Frieza was a mean-spirited entity with a sleek design. He never failed to draw interesting parallels between Saiyans and monkeys.

  7. Hao—“Shaman King” Thanks to powers of rebirth, Hao managed to become the ancestor and twin brother of Yoh, the protagonist of “Shaman King.” While amiable on the outside, Hao was a dark and driven individual. His goal was to obtain the Great Spirit.

  8. Sensui—“Yu Yu Hakusho” Sensui was a Spirit Detective who, more or less, went a little crazy after witnessing the extent of human cruelty. When he battled Yusuke’s team in the Chapter Black Saga of “Yu Yu Hakusho,” this anime villain revealed powerful energy attacks and an unfortunate case of multiple personality disorder.

  9. Crocodile – “One Piece” Crocodile was the head of a group of criminals called Baroque Works. With slicked back hair, a thick cigar and a hook hand, this villain was a portrait of the word “sleazy.” He had the unpleasant tendency to suck the moisture from the bodies of his foes.

  10. Team Rocket—“Pokemon” Like the anime itself, Team Rocket’s schemes and constant failures were overdone. However, if you were in tune with pop culture in the '90s, just think back to their first appearance on television. They were somewhat cool. No, you’re right. They were still lame. Nevertheless, for the sake of memories, these villains can enjoy a spot on this list.