The top ten adult anime movies are filled with action, violence, and tons of sex. These top ten anime films are full of monsters with crazy sexual powers and even stronger sexual desires. There are a lot of sexy anime movies to choose from, so compiling this list meant sitting through a ton of nudity and violence and lewd sexual acts on the screen. Needless to say, it was an enjoyable process picking the top ten adult animated movies. Watch some of our favorites below...

"Wicked City" (1987).  What starts out as a normal adult anime detective flick, quickly turns into a supernatural sex fest. Evil demons threaten the peace between the demon and human worlds. There's one particular scene with a woman that has a vagina that shoots webs. Yeah, you heard right. She has sex with her victims then webs them up for food.

"Fist of The North Star" (1986). Martial arts, and sex in a post apocalyptic world. Sounds interesting already doesn't it? What makes this an adult anime flick. Easy. It's super graphic. People getting ripped apart, and blood flowing like water. Yeah, kids shouldn't see this flick.

"Akira" (1988). What happens when a failed government experiment goes wrong? Well, that experiment escapes and attacks the people that made him. This movie is arguably the best piece of anime created, adult or otherwise. Watch as the telepathic gang banger science experiment leaves a path of destruction as he hunts the people that made him.

"Legend of the Overfiend" (1989). This movie is just weird. But it's weirdness makes it awesome. The story line is simple enough. Demons show up and cause havoc looking for this "overfiend." The movie is full of rape and freaky deaky sexual scenes. Some of the monsters actually wield penis' as weapons. Crazy stuff.

"The Legend of Reyon" (1991). It's nothing but adult anime sex. A full 30 minutes of nothing but sex. The storyline really doesn't matter here. But, the animation is quite good.

"Fencer Minerva" (1994). It's the adult anime movie version of "Romeo and Juliet". A princess flees her house to be with her love, the prince of a rival house. But, she's nabbed by slave traders. It's a pretty good flick. Great action scenes.

"Street Fighter II" (1994). This is the graphic, uncensored movie companion of the hit videogame. There are some great fight scenes, puddles of blood and even some nudity to keep you guys interested. Check it out.

Ninja Scroll Movie part 1 of 2 by RaRa1990

Ninja Scroll Movie part 2 of 2 by RaRa1990
"Ninja Scroll" (1993). How does one describe this flick? Well there's lots of sex, and violence, and even more sex. Oh, and there's demons. Why is this a top adult anime movie feature? Simple. One character has a poisonous vagina. Yeah, deadly woman.

"Blood The Last Vampire" (2000). Vampires in 1966 Vietnam. Sound cool? Well it is. the movie is only about 45 minutes or so, but it's full of that adult action that adult anime movies are famous for. You have to see it.

"Heavy Metal 2000" (2000). The heroine of the flick rocks a huge gun, and an even bigger sword. There's sex, drugs, rock and roll, and countless action in this 88 minute killer movie. You'll love it.