Many people may hear their friends talking about Japanese cartoons and they might wonder what is anime and why should they be interested. In Japan, animation is viewed much differently than it is in the west. They actually use animation much more readily for different kinds of entertainment, and some of the animated content from Japan is basically unlike anything available elsewhere.

One important thing you need to realize about anime is that it’s just another word for animation. When Japanese people are talking about animated programming, they always use the word anime, even if they’re talking about western animated shows. In the west, when we talk about anime, we’re usually talking about the popular animated shows or movies from Japan.

There really are a lot of differences between American and Japanese animation, and the main differences come from the way the cultures view animation. In the west, animation is generally seen as an art-form that’s mostly useful for creating children’s programming. There are occasional adult animated projects, but they’re very much in the minority.  

The Japanese use animation to create a very diverse set of program types. For example, there are plenty of Japanese animated programs that are comparable to American sitcoms, or action adventure shows. They also use anime to create amazing science fiction and fantasy epics with tons of violence and even sexual situations. In addition to all this, there is also full-on adult pornography in animated form that explores all sorts of crazy sexual themes that wouldn’t be possible with real actors using the budgets of a western porn films.

The reason for this actually stems from the way the Japanese view comic books. While comics have mostly been targeted at teens and younger kids in the west, the Japanese created a comic book style called manga that became popular with all age groups. The content of manga is generally much more diverse than the content of western comics, and most anime programs are derived from manga comics. Because people of all ages had already accepted manga readily, they were perfectly willing to adopt anime as well, and as a result, it became a huge part of the Japanese entertainment culture. 

-Jacob Quinn