No matter how old you are, you're still going to love the "Toy Story" characters. "Toy Story" is comprised of three fantastic movies. Each one draws audiences in with humor, action and great writing. Not to mention Buzz Lightyear and his crazy friends. It's quite okay to grab a large bowl of popcorn and watch the movies again.

Buzz Lightyear: "Toy Story" just wouldn't be the same without the charismatic Buzz. You have to admit that he's suave, heroic and a chick magnet. Apparently, he’s got stars in his eyes for his co-star, Jessie. What plastic cowgirl wouldn’t go for an action figure in a space ranger costume? You go Buzz. The only problem with this character in the first story arc was his inability to accept that he is a toy. No, Buzz you really can’t fly. And no, you are not reall fighting evil galactic invaders and their maniacal leader, Emperor Zurg. His competition, Woody, finally convinced him that he was just a toy with an awesome laser on his arm. End of story.

Woody: Everyone loves this cowboy with fancy boots, ten-gallon hat and a six-shooter strapped to his hips. At first, Woody was the favorite toy of Andy. That was until Buzz came along. Unfortunately, a jealous streak and serious issue with insecurity took this singing cowboy down the path of twisted vengeance. After leaving Buzz out to dry and everyone turning on him, Woody realized that true friendship comes in all forms.

Jessie: This character is a tough cowgirl with a heart of gold. She knows how to bring in the bad guys, save her friends and talk trash while doing it all with style. Plus, she is eyeing Buzz. Jessie, Woody and their trusty steed, Bulls Eye, were in the Woody’s Roundup gang. Now, they’re all good friends who stick together.

Rex: I have to admit that this talking dinosaur is a little bit out there. However, Rex is a loyal and trusted toy character who does the right thing. When he’s not questioning his ability to sound like a real dinosaur, he’s helping the others save the day. Rex and his good friends, Slinky and Hamm, make a great team.

Mr. Potato Head: This potato has it going on in all three “Toy Story’s”. He’s a family man with three alien kids and a smoking wife. Every time he falls a part, Mrs. Potato Head’s there for her man. He’s also a potato of many disguises. When the team gets into trouble, leave it to Mr. Potato Head to put on one of his disguises. But don’t make him angry. He’ll definitely put on the angry eyes.

“Toy Story” is a family classic that never gets old. There are many awesome characters in all three movies. The next time you get a notion for something good; watch a cool story about talking toys.