These "Toy Story 3" quotes capture the obstacles and changes that Buzz Lightyear and the other assorted toys face at their new home. Leaving the pleasant sanctuary of Andy's bedroom for a busy daycare center becomes quite an adjustment. Humor merges with story details in these "Toy Story 3" movie quotes.

  1. Lotso: "You've got a playdate with destiny!" Lots-O-Huggin' Bear may have a sweet name and a sweet strawberry scent, but he is the clear villain in the movie. Looks may be deceiving, but his control over the toys at the daycare is not according to this "Toy Story 3" quote. If Lotso's voice sounds familiar then that is thanks to the stellar career of actor Ned Beatty, who's resume includes: "Superman", "Deliverance", and "Charlie Wilson's War."

  2. Hamm the Piggy bank: "C'mon. Let's go see how much we're going for on eBay." During the scene that this "Toy Story 3" quote came from Buzz Lightyear is trying to calm all the toys down. Hamm is getting hysterical and Rex the Green Dinosaur and Mr. Potatoe Head are right there with him. Hamm is certain that they will be sold off to the highest bidder and that they will lose their original owner Andy.

  3. Chunk: "He ain't the sharpest knife in the... place where... they keep the knives..." This awkward quote helps summarize the character Chunk. He is not the brightest toy, and according to this "Toy Story 3" quote - nor the sharpest. Jack Angel who provided Chunk's voice, was also a voice actor in "Aladdin" and "Monsters, Inc."

  4. Mr. Pricklepants: "Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries." Timothy Dalton, who previous played James Bond in "License to Kill" and The Living Daylights", lent his British accent to this character. Mr. Pricklepants is a toy that takes his acting career very seriously. He is in complete shock that Woody made it out of the Sunnyside daycare center alive according to this "Toy Story 3" quote.

  5. Ken: "Barbie, come with me! Live in m Dream House! I know it's crazy! I know we've just met! Aw, heck - you don't know me from GI Joe. But when I look at you I feel like we were..."Ken, Barbie: "...made for each other." It was love at first sight for Ken and Barbie in "Toy Story 3." These quotes from them show the extreme fascination Ken had for Barbie and how it made her play right along. These toys came alive in ways that many young children who play with them in real life could understand.

-Jason Cuthbert