We all love the "Toy Story 3" characters, and many agree that this is the best film of the entire "Toy Story" series. Whether you prefer the original "Toy Story", or the newer and more technologically advanced "Toy Story 3", it is safe to say that the characters of these films are funny, delightful, and memorable. Below is a list of the most memorable "Toy Story 3" characters for all you Disney and Pixar lovers out there. 

  1. Woody. We all know who Woody is from the original "Toy Story", and in this film, he is back and more lovable than ever. Woody is chosen to come along to college with Andy, who decides to bring him along even though he has clearly outgrown and forgotten about most of his toys from his childhood. When the other toys are accidentally thrown away, Woody must explain to them that it was all a big mistake and misunderstanding. 

  2. Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is back in "Toy Story 3," because it just wouldn't be the same without him! Buzz Lightyear is also thrown away by accident by Andy's mother, who thinks Andy put his toys in a trash bag to be thrown away instead of stored, like he intended. Woody tries to convince Buzz, as well as the others, that it was a mistake and that Andy had not meant for them to be thrown into the garbage. Buzz refuses to believe him, and decides they should all stick together and not go back to the house. 

  3. Jessie. Voiced by Joan Cusack, Jessie is the cowgirl doll and the one who suggests to all the other toys that they go to Sunnyside Daycare instead of back home to Andy. Jessie has a slender build with a cute cowboy hat and cowboy boots similar to Woody's boots. 

  4. Andy. Our beloved Andy is back in "Toy Story 3", but now he's seventeen and off to college. Andy has outgrown and lost interest in his toys a long time ago, but he suddenly decides to bring along Woody to college as a sort of keepsake item from home. He stores the rest of his toys in a plastic bag, and intends to store them all in the attic. They are tossed into the garbage by Andy's mom by mistake, who thinks her son does not want them anymore. 

  5. Mr. Potato Head. Like the other angry toys, Mr. Potato Head is thrown away mistakenly and believes that Andy does not care for him anymore. Mr. Potato Head has aged quite well, and still looks as new as he did in the very first "Toy Story" film. 

  6. Barbie. Originally Andy's sister Molly's beloved toy, she is thrown away by Molly when she's asked to gather her unwanted toys for donation or garbage pick up. Barbie is absolutely heart broken that Molly has decided to discard her, and also ends up at Sunnyside Daycare with the other toys in the group.

  7. Lots-O-Huggin' Bear. Lots-O-Huggin' is also very upset that he has been considered garbage by his former family. He is a plushy soft pink bear with a smooth southern accent and a fruity scented body. In "Toy Story 3", he is the leader of the group of toys who decide to leave Andy's home after they were mistakenly tossed away. He is also the chief antagonist of the film, and somewhat of a villain in comparison to the other toys.